10 TV Shows You Should Be Bingeing On Right Now

By Simone Jovel
25th Mar 2017

We’re calling it; there is nothing quite as decadent as wasting spending an entire day (read: weekend) bingeing the latest must watch now series.

Forget washing your hair, phoning a friend, hell, forget even going outside—you’re about to go down a TV rabbit hole my friend.

If you, like us, are keen to maximise your binge watching time, we thought we’d do you all a solid and put together a failsafe list of the 10 TV shows you should be watching right now.

Warning: prepare for those empty-I’ve-just-lost-my-bestie-post-binge-watching-feels.

Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, Laura Dern; the list goes on. Based on the best-selling book of the same name, this one will have you asking whodunit from the first episode. Set in a beachfront town in California, think soccer moms with some pretty dirty secrets aaaaand some of the nicest beach pads you’ll ever see on TV.


Anything that scores 8/10 on IMDB immediately has our attention. Based on Archie Comics characters, and inspired by Twin Peaks, Riverdale centres on Archie Andrews and is everything you’d want a high school soap to be. Cue love interests galore, and if you loved the likes of Veronica Mars we reckon this one’s for you.

Iron Fist

Looks like comic books are having a red hot moment in 2017 and we sure aren’t complaining. Introducing Iron Fist. In episode one we meet Danny, who died (or did he?) 10 years ago in a plane crash that killed his parents. He’s spent the last decade with some pretty badass monks and now he’s back in NYC, and wants back in to his old life.

Chef’s Table

A Netflix original (so you know it’s good), back for a third season and with it some of the best chefs from across the globe. From Californian genius Nancy Silverton, to Ivan Orkin the man with the self titled ramen slurp shop, you’re in for a tasty binge watching treat—oh yeah, they dropped all the eps at once. You’re welcome…


We know you’ve probably already torrented the shit out of Atlanta. But in case you haven’t, Atlanta is a comedy/drama starring Donald Glover, who plays one of two cousins navigating their way around the Atlanta rap scene in an effort to improve their families’ lives. It was recently picked up for a second season. Life is gooooood.


Oprah executively produced this one; do we need to say any more? Introducing the church going, god fearing Greenleaf family who appear to have it all. But if we know anything about life, which we do, it’s that they definitely don’t. Cue scandal, secrets, lies, adultery and sibling rivalry, and you have everything you need for some couch potato fun.


Now in its second season—is it just us, or is it one of life’s little blessings discovering a series when it’s two seasons in—, you just know this one has got to be good. Billions centres around attorney Chuck Rhoades who has set his sights on hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod. In case you hadn’t guessed, it’s one epic fight over money, a hell of a lot of money.


Set in the 1850s, plantation slaves in Georgia band together to make a daring escape. A 10-episode anthology created by Misha Green (Sons of Anarchy), Joe Pokaski (Daredevil), and did we mention John Legend? Because not only did he executive produce this one, he also does the score and the soundtrack (win).

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson has just dropped on Netflix, in its entirety, and is well worth your time. One of the most highly publicised court cases of the 20th century, go behind the scenes with lawyers on both sides and decide just whose side you’re on. And yes, Kimmy K’s dad is in this one.

ICYMI: The Americans (It’s Awesome)

We all have that one series (OK, maybe 5) that we mean to watch, but then forget about completely. The Americans is one of those series, and our hot tip is that you should move it to the top of your must-watch list STAT. We mean, c’mon, two KGB agents in an arranged marriage—what’s not to love?

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Image Credit: Big Little Lies

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