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12 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

By Jayme-Lee Fechner
17th Apr 2017

There comes a time when the mere sight of a Kardashian is just all too much; a time when watching housewives brag about their 8-carat diamond rings is plain unbearable, and television basically sucks. That’s where podcasts come in.

With a variety of options to suit all tastes, you’ll be asking why you haven’t been listening sooner.

Say bye Felicia to the radio and hello to pods. Because who doesn’t love being entertained and educated at the same time? Plus, you’ll feel like you’re using your brain, instead of viewing another mindless reality TV fight (although we’ll always have a soft spot for these).

1. Guilty Feminist

Comedian Deborah Frances-White was certainly on to something when she created the Guilty Feminist podcast. In this series, she’s joined by special guests discussing off-limit topics, all-things women, and most importantly how we can’t always be the perfect feminist—which may even help justify singing along to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines on occasion.

2. Reply All

Calling all students studying a bachelor degree in media, this one’s for you (as well as any human interested in the internet). Hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, this podcast takes you on an all-access journey of the interwebs, from One Direction conspiracy theories, to overbearing Facebook friends who post their political views. These guys have it covered.

3. Missing Richard Simmons

Serial was soo 2016. A new mystery is on the podcast-block, and it involves more lycra. Richard Simmons was a flamboyant, fitness fanatic in the 80’s, but in 2014, the much-loved Simmons disappeared from the spotlight, with many questions left unanswered. Take a strange journey on the whereabouts of this entertainer, and we swear it’s oddly addictive.

4. Pardon My French

We f@#$ing love Garance Doré. With accolades falling at her feet, the author of the New York Times best-selling book Love Style Life, Doré appeared to have life #sorted. Until this podcast, where her modest daily encounters and overall perspective on life make her even more lovable. A genuine listen with a variety of guests, this is a unique insight in the world of the French blogger.

5. Crimetown

Everyone loves a good ol’ gangster story, where corruption lies at the heart of trustful institutions, and gold-jewellery is an implicit accessory. Introducing Crimetown, this series investigates the culture of crime across a range of American cities and first up is Rhode Island, a mobster’s heaven.

6. Slate’s Culture Gabfest

Your recent expedition to Europe has no cultural equivalent to what this podcast brings. The Culture Gabfest is a refreshing pod, that makes you feel like you don’t even need friends when you have these guys. Topics vary from whether robots should have rights (mmmkay?) to how an avocado shortage might make us actually care about global warming.

7. Who Weekly

OK, so we told you to give up the Kardashians, but we never said you had to give up cool D-list celebrities like Mischa Barton (#OC4EVA). This strange, yet addictive podcast explores the lives of celebrities who you know, but you really don’t. Welcome to the domain of Whoville, where names like Nina Dobrev and Spencer Pratt are as forgetful as your misplaced car keys.

8. Soul Sisters

No, not that god-awful song by Train (who should be mentioned in the above podcast). This is a series dedicated to our inspiring songstresses, from Grammy winners to new incomers, and their journey to fame. Both uplifting and motivating, you’ll want to scream ‘go girl’ *cue Rocky theme music*.

9. Oh Boy By Man Repeller

Man Repeller is the quintessential podcast surrounding influential women. Hosted by Jay Buim, the first episode peeks into the life of Leandra Medine, better known as ultimate #womangoals. Throughout this series, meet awesome women, doing awesome things, because they’re awesome.

10. The Love Bomb

The Love Bomb is honesty at its best. It started when actor turned host, Nico Tortella, had his ‘gender fluidity’ statement splashed across tabloid magazines. In this podcast, Tortella explores gender, sexuality, coming out, and why anybody even cares?! The only place Tortella is coming out is the microphone, and we love it!

11. Design Matters By Debbie Millman

Let’s be honest, we all have an inner designer. And what better way to unleash this goddess, than with a podcast dedicated to design and all its glory. Design Matters, created by the legendary Debbie Millman, hosts an array of impressive guests, with fascinating stories and what drives these key thinkers.

12. History Extra

Yep, so we totally failed that modern history class in year 10, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love history. History Extra is a podcast that delves into stories you already know kinda know about, but ones you want to reeeeeeally know about, like Pearl Harbour (because the 3 hour movie didn’t really cut it) or maybe things you didn’t, like Hitler’s drug addiction. We’re totes hooked.

If you prefer watching rather than listening, then check these out.

Image Credit: Alice Moore Unsplash

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