17 Things We’d Love To See Happen On The Coast In 2017

By Trixie Hillen
12th Feb 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 sucked more than any year since 1980 (when we lost Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers, John Lennon, Mae West, Alfred Hitchcock AND Colonel Sanders *sob*).

But onward and upward, my loyal Metropolist minions! We can move forward from the tragedies of this year and hope for a 2017 where all our celebrity heroes stay safe.

And closer to home, here are a couple—okay, a lot—of other things we’d love to see happen on the Sunshine Coast in 2017.

1. For hipster beards (and man buns) to finally stop being a thing.

2. Just rainbow everything.

3. For everyone to support our amazing local bookshops #useitorloseit

4. We’ve got regular cinemas, and pop-up outdoor cinemas too, but how cool would a floating cinema be? You know we’re onto something.

5. For taxi drivers on the Coast to either up their game and provide a decent service at an affordable price, or to stop bitching out ride-sharing services. I mean, you don’t see fax machine shop owners marching on Parliament, demanding that email be outlawed…

6. A decent amount of rain, so our waterfalls and lakes can fill up and at least look a bit picturesque, instead of sludgy and swampy.

7. Less council and zoning red tape impacting our awesome small, local businesses and initiatives.

8. For Richard Branson to throw open Makepeace Island for an annual locals’ party.

9. More pedal-powered, pop-up, and mobile food venues for those of us fickle, short-attention-spanned trend-whores. Food trucks FTW!

10. For Uber Eats to come to the Coast. ‘Nuff said.

11. For everyone on the roads to chill the f*&k out. Seriously, unless there’s a woman in labour in the passenger seat, whatever you’re doing can’t be THAT important.

12. Just a couple of extra hours each week so we can fulfill our inner purpose as a crafting boho queen with one of these workshops.

13. An Apple store on the Coast, so we don’t have to trek to Chermside or send our phones away to get them “officially” fixed.

14. Poutine. We’ve all heard of it, but only people who have visited Canada quite understand what it is. We need someone to bring the real thing to the Coast. Oh wait, Village Bicycle just did. Hurrah!

15. We’ve finally been blessed with a Mecca store on the Coast, and we practically have our own IKEA. Now we just need Zara Home and H&M. C’mon guys…

16. A cat café. Because we all need to de-stress with cuddly kitties.

17. For every chef on the Coast to follow Coco Chanel’s suggestion—look at every dish on their menu and “remove the first item you notice” #simplicity

And because you’ve made it this far, we want to make sure you’ve heard about the cute-as-a-button cafe that has just opened in Woombye. Say hello to Winnie!

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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