19 Things To Do On The Sunshine Coast For $1 Or Less

By Sophie Wright
18th Jun 2017

Fun on the Sunshine Coast doesn’t have to come at a cost! Some of the best things in life are free. Or, at the very most, one measly buck. 

There’s no shame in being a penny pincher, in fact, we’re going to help you celebrate it, with 19 epic things to do on the Sunshine Coast, all for the bargain price of $1 or less. 

  1. Bury your nose in books at the Coast’s many libraries. Or…
  2. …Hit up the best op-shops around and nab a bargain.  
  3. Every Thursday, your shiny gold coin will buy you not one but TWO delicious wings from La Canteena
  4. Book next date night at Corbins on a Wednesday. Snack on a $10 serve of wings or $5 baogers. Hope date pays. 
  5. Teach yourself magic tricks. Get so good, you’ll MAKE money.  
  6. Beauty doesn’t always come cheap, but in our case, it does. Go for some of our most scenic walks and hikes; they will cost you zip! 
  7. Slurp up $1 oysters from The Piano Bar on Santorini Sundays. 
  8. Move into couch potato mode and work your way through the free trials of Netflix/Stan/Presto, one at a time. That’s at least three months of entertainment, all for free! 
  9. Break the budget and treat yourself to a $2 taco at Good Bar on a Thursday. 
  10. Hit up Peregian Originals and donate your precious dollar. 
  11. Team up with 100 friends who also have $1, make a delicious punch and have an absolute rager of a house party.
  12. Make a beeline for the reduced section of supermarket and take a lucky dip. 
  13. Hold onto it for emergencies (frozen Coke cravings count).
  14. Take out a small loan and get amongst $4 wings and $8 ribs at Drift Bar every Thursday. 
  15. Glue it to the sidewalk and watch as people attempt to pick it up for endless lols. 
  16. Get the gang together for a Sunday sesh at Moto and chip in for $12 pizzas. You’ll totally pay them back later, right…?
  17. Get your zen on with a free outdoor yoga class in the Maroochy Botanic Gardens. 
  18. Happy birthday to you! You get a free main meal from Thai Frenzy
  19. Keep it in your car and be ready for paid parking, anywhere, any time. 

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Image credit: Amy Higg for The Urban List

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