20 Signs You’re (Probably) Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

By Olivia Atkinson
29th Jul 2017

Ah, life—it’s a funny thing. One minute you’re breezing through your early twenties, the next you’re convinced that being 25 (give or take) is the worst thing that could ever happen to a human. Ever.

The quarter-life crisis is legit. You suddenly feel the pressures of relationships, career, money, housing (ugh...) thrust upon you and that by some godly miracle, you should have all of the above sorted and thriving by now. It’s like you spent seven years longing to be treated like a real life adult and now you are one, it kinda sucks.

Fear not, young-ish one, you’re not alone in this. If you’ve been feeling a bit off as of late, you may be going through a niggly quarter-life crisis. Everyone has one and it’s a-OK.

Here are 20 signs you’re probably having a quarter-life crisis. Welcome to the club.

  1. You’re constantly teetering between “Imma just quit my job and travel the world” and “shit, I need to work my way up the career ladder”.
  2. You have beef with Taylor Swift because nope, you’re not 22 anymore and nope, everything might not be alright. Dammit, Taytay.
  3. Full-blown hangovers. Need we say more?
  4. Everyone, and by that we mean EVERYONE, has started to ask whether you’d like to settle down soon and it’s making you want to chunder.
  5. Speaking of, relationships are a whole lotta WTF. You don’t want be be #foreveralone but the minefield of quarter-life dating is bollocks.
  6. Also, your Facebook feed is blowing up with engagements, marriages, babies, house purchases (yes, even in here) and $5000 French bulldogs, and you’re just trying to get your dirty laundry done on a Sunday. Gosh.
  7. You’ve had your ‘temporary’ post-uni job for three years.
  8. You’re no longer always asked for ID and you don’t know how you feel about that.
  9. Birthdays suck. Can we please not celebrate the fact that I’m now old AF?
  10. You catch yourself telling people like, two years younger than you that life is short and they must carpe diem the shit out of it because being old is just around the corner.
  11. Coming home and seeing dirty dishes in the sink is enough to make you down a bottle of vino and rant to your flatties/family/partner about cleaning standards.
  12. Then you realise that you’re turning into your mother.
  13. Pinterest-ing your dream life is basically your full-time job.
  14. Self-help books are your jam. HALP MEH!
  15. You drop some serious bucks on fancy designer ‘investment pieces’ in the hope that it will make you look like you’re well put-together.
  16. That 10-year plan you wrote for yourself when you were 15? LOL.
  17. When someone asks ‘what you do’, you nervously laugh and then walk away.
  18. This one time, you tried to have a decent convo with high school students and you literally couldn’t understand what they were saying.
  19. Having to grocery shop, pay bills, clean your house, meal prep and try not to die from stress is a constant struggle.
  20. You start every second sentence with “Remember when…”

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