20 Ways To Really Annoy A Sunshine Coaster

By Trixie Hillen
26th Feb 2017

We’re generally a nice bunch of people here on the Sunshine Coast. Pretty chilled, welcoming, and tolerant. And mostly painfully polite.

But every now and then, there are little things that… rile us up. Just a bit. Things that set us off and start to get our blood boiling.

Occasionally, we even get so furious that we do a deliberately loud sigh and side-eye, or even consider writing a strongly-worded letter (well, an email. Does anyone actually send letters any more anyway?)

These are the ways to really, REALLY annoy a Sunshine Coaster.

1. Try and suggest that the Sunshine Coast doesn’t have a nightlife. I mean, yeah, you can’t make a restaurant reservation after about 8.30pm, but that’s practically bedtime, right?

2. Parking at the Plaza. You can put up all the signs you want telling us that you’re renovating the carpark—we KNOW that! Just finish it already!

3. When your fave pop-up store suddenly disappears *sob*. We know that’s kinda the definition of “pop-up” but we have abandonment issues, okay?

4. Referring to this glorious region as the “Sunny Coast”. Because apparently, we’re too good to follow the great Aussie tradition of abbreviating everything.

5. When someone tries to convince us that their beaches are anywhere NEAR as good as ours. Dream on, Sydneysiders!

6. An accident on the Bruce, which takes your trip home from Brissie from 90 mins to approximately three weeks.

7. Noosa. Just Noosa. Apparently the mere mention of it is enough to launch most non-Noosa locals into a frothy rage.

8. Also, people who think that the Sunshine Coast consists solely of Noosa.

9. NOT Instagramming your meal—it’s that old Zen question, if you didn’t post a pic of it with a Valencia filter, did you really eat it?

10. Councils conducting months and months of “community consultation” on every bloody issue. I can guarantee that Bruce from Bli Bli doesn’t have the slightest understanding of marine biology/infrastructure/ intellectual property laws. Seriously, just ask the experts and make a freaking decision.

11. But if you DO ask for community input, and then all agree on a plan that everyone signs up to, please stick with it, and don’t sell your souls for the first global conglomerate that knocks on your door.

12. Trying to claim that your fave barista at your local makes “the best coffee on the Coast”.

13. People walking three-people-wide along the national park track, having a chat. Grrrr.

14. Dress codes—even chilled ones. Why can’t we wear boardies or bikinis and thongs (and nothing else) to dinner?

15. Not taking us seriously when we obsessively check the BOM for weather updates. This storm could be BIG, okay? Now excuse me while I go home and check the batteries on my torch and restock my emergency kit, because I ate all my chocolate when I was PMSing.

16. People wearing activewear out in public—IT’S FOR THE GYM, PEOPLE!

17. Missing out on tix to your fave band at Solbar.

18. People getting the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast mixed up. Yes, they’re both coasts, and kinda near Brisbane, but so is the Fraser Coast, and TRUST us, they’re not the same.

19. Getting to the end of a huge night out, and realising there are NO kebab places still open.

20. People who think that a mug-a-chino is a thing. It was never a thing.

Image Credit: Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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