21 Sunshine Coast-Only Pick-Up Lines

By Trixie Hillen
25th Jul 2017

sunshine coast pick-up lines

Dating is brutal. And if we’re not relying on the lazy person’s pick-up tool—Tinder (who are we kidding, we ALL resort to that!)—then sometimes we have to go to an actual bar and use actual pick-up lines to meet actual people in a face-to-face (and slightly terrifying) environment. 

So we’ve compiled a list of the best pick-up lines that you will only hear on the Sunshine Coast. And we guarantee that these will all work to help you pick up the hottie of your dreams.*

  1. Let me buy you a macadamia matcha chai spiced latte?
  2. I hear you’re looking for Sum Yung Guys? Well, we’re them.
  3. Why don’t we head to Maleny and stop off at my Bald Knob on the way?
  4. You must be from Gympie—check out those guns.
  5. Want to join me for some naked SUP yoga? Without the SUP. Or the yoga.
  6. I’d drive to North Lakes to pick up a $7 IKEA cushion cover for you. 
  7. Do you do bush regeneration in the national park? Because I’m digging those shoulders.
  8. Oh yeah, I’ve got a FIFO job. So I’m only in town one week a month. AND I have six jetskis.
  9. I can take you to heaven faster than a council worker can pull up a fruit tree in a verge garden. 
  10. A girl as beautiful as you is as rare as a reasonably priced, pet-friendly rental in Mooloolaba.
  11. That ass is as ripe as a peach at Fruitworld. 
  12. Did you overstay your parking on Hastings Street? Because damn, you FIIIINE.
  13. Your eyes are brighter than the reflection off the Valdora Solar Farm. 
  14. I’d drive down Nicklin Way at school pickup time for you. 
  15. I’ll take you to the top of Mount Coolum, baby. Without leaving my car.
  16. Rose are red, violets are blue, I’d run over the hot sand at Caloundra for you.
  17. I see you’ve just been swimming. Let me check you for sea lice bites. I’m told I am very thorough. 
  18. Want to join me for smashed avo for brekky tomorrow? I, too, have given up all hope of ever purchasing property…
  19. You make me hotter than Kenilworth in January.
  20. Player? Oh yeah, he’s been had more locals around him than the Coolum roundabout.
  21. I’ll wait for you as long as I’ve waited for a light rail in the Maroochydore CBD. 

* Does not constitute a guarantee.

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