21 Things Sunshine Coasters Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners 

By Trixie Hillen
21st Mar 2017

In many ways, the Sunshine Coast is pretty similar to the rest of South East Queensland–great weather, lovely beaches, half the population are blow-ins from the southern states–but there’s a lot of ways in which we Sunshine Coasters are unique.

When we have friends come to stay (or even when we come across a poor, disoriented tourist, lost in the wilds of Kin Kin) we have a repertoire of things we always find ourselves saying to them.

1. So, you just need to go straight through the first roundabout, then straight through the second one, then straight through the next…

2. No, that rent is per WEEK, not per day. And yeah, it’s a three-bedroom house near the beach, not a flat above a meth lab.

3. No, the zoo at Big Pineapple isn’t Australia Zoo. But really, unless you particularly want to see tigers, it’s pretty much the same. And you get to take a selfie with the Big Pineapple too. Win/win.

4. That terrifying and frustrating intersection at the Tanawha end of the motorway doesn’t get any less terrifying and frustrating after you’ve been doing it for several years.

5. Activewear is just a way of life up here. Yoga pants are suitable for the school run, Sunday morning coffee or y’know… yoga.

6. If you’re looking for big meals, cheap beer, and views of the world’s best beaches, pull up a chair at one of the local surf clubs.

7. Don’t get too comfy at the beach after about 3pm at the tail end of summer. Our storms come out of nowhere and you’ll be ducking between flashes of lightning while you gather up your towel and make a run for the carpark.

8. You might see heaps of people cycling their fixies down Hastings Street for a latte at Le Monde. Trust us, it’s not about fitness. It’s ALL about image, baby.

9. You really can get craft beer in all corners of the Coast.

10. Yeah, even though it’s in Pomona, it’s called Mount Cooroora. Nope, there actually IS no Mount Pomona.

11. EVERYONE tailgates. Don’t take it personally.

12. Clandestino. That is all.

13. Just because a suburb has “Noosa” in the name doesn’t mean that it’s actually anywhere near Noosa.

14. Nah, we don’t need to leave for the airport for at least another half an hour.

15. We don’t know what’s with all the markets either. Night markets with food stalls, fruit and veg, homemade craft, plants. Don’t question it, just go with it.

16. It’s not that everyone is mispronouncing “local” as “Loh-CAHlay”. C’mon, I’ll take you!

17. Thongs are an acceptable dress code for pretty much every occasion.

18. The parking is ACTUALLY free. Like, FREE! (Well, in most places.)

19. No, we’re not just a northern suburb of Brisbane.

20. Don’t believe what you’ve heard about Nambour. It’s actually getting kinda cool. Just don’t let the locals hear you say “gentrification”.

21. I promise you’ve never seen anything like the view from the Blackall Range.

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Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist

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