25 Things To Do With Your Girls This Summer

By Rachel Lay
19th Jan 2018

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Can we get a moment of appreciation for the amazing, bangin’, angels in our life?! We’re talking about your #GirlGang, #Squad, #Honeys, or whatever else your group chat is nicknamed. AKA our bestest friends. Because it’s summer, and because we think it’s high time we started living our best lives (hello, 2018!) we’ve rounded up a list of 25 things to tick off with your girls. Why? Because what’s better than girl time?*

We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite gals at Emma & Roe, to help you gather the girls and celebrate female friendship this summer. The best part?! This list is 100% shoppable, so treat yo’ self and go matchy-matchy with your bestie while you’re at it!

*Trick question: nothing is better.

#1. Get your brunch on at a delicious local spot. You can’t really beat Bistro C, can you!?

#2. Get your DIY on and slay one of the many creative workshops on the Sunny Coast.

#3. Take a sip and paint class and be wowed by how talented your best babes are even when they’re tipsy.

#4. Go on a shopping spree, you’ve earnt it. We’ll just leave this here... 

#5. Spend hours getting lost and exploring these nurseries...

#6. Put on a cute dress and sip champagne and talk non-stop over Aimee Provence.

#7. Book out a fancy apartment and have a staycay. Pretend you’re a tourist and fall in love with your town.

#8. Pack yourself a gourmet picnic and a jug of Pimms and set up for the afternoon by Gardener’s Falls.

#9. Book out a private karaoke room. (We hold no responsibility for post-karaoke IG story regret).

#10. Do the Noosa National Park walk and stop in at each and every beach.

#11. Tick off each and every one of these waterfalls.

#12.And help your BFFs out with some killer waterfall Instagram content.

#13. Visit every. Single. Beach.

#14. And proceed to spend hours debating which is actually the best.

#15. Watch the sunrise from Mt Coolum (bonus points for booking in a post-hike foot massage).

#16. Plan a killer road trip like one of these.

#17. Wake up with the birds and watch the sunrise from Point Arkwright. 

#18. Take an aerial yoga class. Ain’t no time like the present to pick up a new skill. Or suck at it.

#19. Get matching tattoos, because why the hell not!?

#20. Surprise your bestie with a picnic from the folks at Deep Love Picnics.

#21. Head to Spirit House for a cooking lesson.

#22. See a psychic and get properly spooked.

#23. Finally tick off these breakfasts you should have tried on the Sunshine Coast.

#24. Eat absolutely everything at Pier 33.

#25. Or, just stay in and binge some trashy TV.

Ahhh, our hearts feel full just reading this. Tick off this list with your best babes and check out Emma & Roe’s website here

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with Emma & Roe. Thank you for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. To read our editorial policy, click here

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