45 Thoughts And Feelings We Had Watching The New Gilmore Girls Trailer

By Ange Law
26th Oct 2016

The return of Gilmore Girls is obviously the most exciting thing that’s happened to us this year and we know it’s just as exciting for you as well.

This morning we all huddled around a computer and watched the trailer (three times). There was goosebumps, laughter and all of the feels.

This is how it went down.

1. There’s christmas music—we repeat, THERE’S CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

2. Greek, Italian food and hotdogs for dinner—women after our own hearts.

3. After all this time, Gilmore Girls is still the ultimate mum and daughter. #goals

4. How does their hair look so good in the snow? Seriously, NO frizz?

5. Mmmmm tater tots.

6. And doughnuts.

7. Okay, it’s official, we’re hungry just watching the trailer.

8. Richard *ugly cries*

9. Shit, that’s a big painting. Biiiiiiiggg painting.

10. Did we mention the painting is big?

11. We’re in London.

12. Calling bullshit on this one – no way is it really that sunny in London.

13. And New York? Get it girl!

14. Kirk and Emily are sitting at the same table.

15. Whyyy are Kirk and Emily sitting at the same table?

16. Yes! Luke and Loralei are together, they’re in the kitchen, like a married couple.

17. Hang on, where’s the ring?

18. Is Luke just visiting?

19. That’s ok, maybe they’re de facto, we’re totally cool with that.

20. Oh god counselling….. Why?!

21. Why is Lorelai questioning her happiness?


23. They’re walking hand in hand, in the snow, there’s lights #cuelove

24. The funeral. We’re not emotionally prepared for the funeral.

25. Goosebumps.

26. Emily is wearing a tshirt. I repeat, Emily is wearing a tshirt.

27. And jeans.

28. We could definitely help Emily de-clutter her wardrobe.

29. JESS!!

30. They’re besties.

31. He’s still hot.

32. We all still love Jess. Where is that Dolly Magazine poster?

33. Wow. Taylor got old. Well, older.

34. We still want to go to a town meeting. What else is there to do on a Wednesday night?

35. Michel, you surly son of a gun.

36. Whose pig is that?

37. SUKI!!!! Yes, we have squealed as every old/new character appears.

38. Is Dean hot now?

39. Cursory Logan appearance.

40. All of our favourite boys are here.

41. Surely Rory will pick Jess.

42. Jess is the obvious choice.

43. She has to pick Jess!!!

44. Wait… Where the hell was Luke’s Diner!?

45. Now we’re definitely freaking out.

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Image Credit: Netflix

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