5 Places To Spoil Your Lady Loves On International Women's Day

By Claire Plush
8th Mar 2016

You know today is International Women’s Day, right? So, not only should you be celebrating incredible women doing incredible things around the world, but you should also be showering those close to you with some big love.

And what do we do when we want to show someone how much we love, respect, and appreciate them? Well, we take them somewhere to eat. And drink. Between chats and belly laughs, of course.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up four places to spoil your fave women this International Women’s Day, plus a sneaky event to mingle with likeminded, just-as-awesome-as-you women.

Oh Darling | Cotton Tree

Pick up your mum, your sister, and your bestie and drive them to Cotton Tree. Don’t say too much about where you’re going, just dawdle along the esplanade until you get to the new espresso bar, Oh Darling. Not only is it the prettiest café on the Coast, but you’ll also get extra brownie points for the smooth coffee and decadent slices on offer. And the Best Daughter Of The Year Award goes to…

Flame Hill Vineyard | Montville

If you’ve got a few winos on your hands, there’s only one way to celebrate them, with a wine tasting at Flame Hill Vineyard. Tucked at the back of Montville, this stunning vineyard and cellar door offers up to eight tastings for $6, which means you’ll have enough in the kitty to buy your fave girls a bottle of their fave vino. Score! After the tasting, head to the nearest deli for cheese and crackers, and then detour past Mary Cairncross for a picnic, complete with said bottles of wine. Day = made.

Noosa Hot Bread Shop | Noosa

Because you probably can’t afford to scoop up the women in your life and put them on a plane to France, we reckon the next best thing for a cheapskate to do (#jokes) would be to take them to a spot where they can eat French fare. If they’re anything like us, and could eat croissants, pains au chocolat, or croquet monsieurs for ever and ever and ever, then take your ladies to brunch at Noosa Hot Bread Shop. They even do real good coffee, something you’d struggle to get in the land of baguettes. Bon appetit!

The Silva Spoon | Cotton Tree

So you’re hangin’ out with tea drinkers? Psssst! We know where to take ‘em! The Silva Spoon in Cotton Tree is a full-on tea emporium, so if you can get past the display of teapots you’ll be choosing between a range of black teas, white teas, green teas, herbal teas, chai teas—the list goes on and on. And on. Basically, real tea-lovers go weak for a café that serves tea leaves ‘cause they just aren’t that easy to find, so take your pinky sippin’ girlfriends here, and they’ll have your back forever. The cakes and petite sandwiches are pretty cute too, if you want to create a DIY high tea scenario.

Creative Women’s Circle | Maroochydore

So this isn’t a place, more of a thing, with Australia-wide Creative Women’s Circle hosting an epic free event tonight from 6.30pm at Maroochydore’s Spark Bureau. If you’re a photographer, designer, writer, and anything in between, this creative gathering is bringing together likeminded Sunny Coast women, especially for International Women’s Day. You’ll get a big boost of feminine vibes that you can’t get from behind a computer screen, meet some clever ladies doing awesome things, and possibly make some new friends who you’ll be celebrating when next women’s day rolls around. Boo-yah!

Image Credit: Rikki Lancaster

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