50 Ways To Show A Random Act Of Kindness

By Claire Plush
20th Mar 2017

Kindness. One word that can make a whole world of difference.

Nope, we’re not talking the sort where other people do things for you, but where you do things for them. You might get nothing in return or you might land a smile, a soft “thank you” or even a hug—*insert all of the warm and fuzzies here*.

Just to prove how wonderful life can be and how awesome doing things for others can feel, we’ve come up with a list of 50 really easy random acts of kindness you can do on the Sunshine Coast this year. They’ll brighten up your day as well as those around you. Nawwww.

1. Take your granny some treats from Tome.

2. That friend who has just had a baby? Go directly to her house, do the laundry, clean the house, make her a cuppa, and then leave.

3. Even better, come bearing a homemade meal so dinner is taken care of. It’ll mean the world to her.

4. Go to a cafe and slip your waiter/waitress the biggest note you can afford.

5. And then tell their manager know how wonderful they were.

6. Leave kind post-it notes in random public bathrooms.

7. Let someone into your lane. Driving is not a competition, you know.

8. Go and give someone a honest-to-goodness hug. Only let go when they do.

9. Make your loved one breakfast in bed.

10. Grab a coffee at Milk and Beans and you’ll be donating 20 cents to local homeless youths.

11. Even better, buy an extra coffee for the “suspended coffee wall”—a wall of pre-purchased coffee tokens for those who are less fortunate or are just having a bad day.

12. Choose not to say anything negative about anyone behind their backs.

13. Stop and buy something from the kids selling lemonade on the side of the road.

14. Give a compliment to a stranger.

15. Send a “thinking of you” text to someone who you haven’t seen in a while.

16. Call or visit that friend who’s going through a hard time and listen. Really listen.

17. Volunteer to do something extraordinary. Or just something ordinary. It all counts. Like helping out at the RSPCA.

18. Smile. At anyone and everyone… even if it does make you look a bit strange.

19. Offer to carry someone’s groceries to their car.

20. Leave a thank you note next time you use a farm gate. It’ll make someone’s day!

21. Become an organ donor.

22. Let someone in front of you in the supermarket line. C’mon, you’ve got a whole trolley; they’ve only got a basket.

23. When you overhear something nice about someone, pass it on.

24. Choose one of your favourite items and donate it to the local Hospice.

25. Too much? Then give some of your quality gear that you no longer use.

26. Send a random email to your boss thanking them for what they do. They don’t hear that enough.

27. Are your friends renovating? Rock up with a roast chicken, some fresh bread rolls, and a “here-to-help” attitude.

28. Have an actual conversation with your Uber driver. You’ll be surprised by their stories.

29. Don’t wait for a formal invite to clean up a beach—grab some friends and pick up 50 pieces each. You good Aussie, you.

30. Send flowers to your mum, just because.

31. Is it raining? Offer to share your umbrella with someone who is getting wet.

32. Offer to take a photo for some tourists when they’re struggling with selfie mode.

33. Put away your phone when you’re with friends and family.

34. Know two single friends who may be compatible? Arrange for them to “meet”. Go cupid!

35. Use your manners. It’s basic, but a goodie.

36. Write a real-deal letter to your bestie, and enclose some hard copy photos from back in the day.

37. Buy a Lotto ticket and give it to a stranger. Ouch, bet that hurt!

38. Let your partner choose what to watch on Netflix.

39. Offer to babysit or dogsit for a friend.

40. Donate blood—one donation can save three lives, plus you’ll get some tasty treats at the end.

41. You know those people who just moved in down the road? Bake something and go and introduce yourself!

42. Go and spend some money at these opportunity shops.

43. While you’re there, ask if they need another set of hands.

44. Hold the elevator for someone.

45. In need of a new water bottle? Memo Bottle will donate $1 from every purchase to—that’s enough to provide safe drinking water to one person for 10 months.

46. Save your eggs cartons and then take them to the egg stall at your local farmers market. They always need more.

47. Know your neighbour is going away? Offer to water their plants or feed their fish. Or both!

48. Next time a lifesaver tries to stop you on the street to go in a raffle, don’t ignore them. Buy a ticket! But more importantly, take the opportunity to tell them what a great job they’re doing.

49. Heading out of the office to grab something for lunch? Come back with chocolates, lollies, and everything in between, and surprise your workmates with your thoughtfulness.

50. Share the love and tell people that kindness is life.

Image Credit: Tome

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