7 Of Our Fave Sunshine Coast Date Night Restaurants

By Leonie Prendeville - 17 Jan 2017

Want to know what the best night of the week is? DATE NIGHT, BABY.

Now, there’s a lot of misconception about date nights. This isn’t a night for you to escape kids, roommates, or tick a box that says you’re a happy couple. Date night is actually all about food. Kidding!

It’s actually about crazy loved-up one-on-one time with your fave human. And here are the best restaurants on the Sunshine Coast to make it happen…


Sunshine Beach

Who says date night needs to start after dark, right? Mooshka’s happy hour kicks off at 3pm, so date night can turn into date afternoon. It’s not your typical swanky date restaurant—it’s cruisy and chilled just like the Sunny Coast. Oh, and they always have a nice rotation of specials… for both the food and (more importantly) the cocktails.



Have you ever seen the sunset over Noosa River? It’s damn gorgeous. And the best way to enjoy it is with dinner and wine on a picnic blanket. For the dinner bit—head to Bordertown on Gympie Terrace and grab some of their American BBQ goodness takeaway, so you can bring it back to your sweet little romantic oasis by the river.

The Long Apron


So we might have said date nights aren’t all about the food, but when you’re dining at Spicers Clovelly Estate’s The Long Apron, it actually is. Their five-course degustation is kinda mind-blowing. Not to mention the winding, romantic drive through the hinterland hills to get to this Montville gem.

High Tide


Beachy hang vibes with great cocktails and a small but lovely selection of well-made food— yeah, that’s High Tide. Start out with the big antipasto board and try make your date night on a Sunday ‘cos the live music adds a whole lotta ambience. When you’re done the beach is just across the road, so get those fingers interlocking and stroll baby, stroll.


Noosa Heads

Damn this is a good-looking spot. It’s all black, low-lit, and sultry inside with glowing greenery all round. Coupled with super knowledgeable and downright pleasant waiters, a wine list that goes for days, and an incredible Italian menu, Locale is romance all the way.



For when you would like to leave the Sunshine Coast but can’t quite afford a private jet for the night, take your date to Orléans. Despite that it’s actually a fusion of New Orleans and French cuisine, it doesn’t really feel like you’re in either of those locations. However, it does totally feel like you’re stepping into a fine-ass little bar in Melbourne and that’s a big win in our books.



Oh Noosa, you certainly win in the fancy pants restaurant department. And Wasabi is one fine-dining spot that completely lives up to its hype. Traditional yet innovative Japanese food, made for sharing. Genuine care for local- sourced and sustainable ingredients. They love food, you love food, you love each other—it’s just a big old love fest. Hint: reserve a table with a view of the river right on sunset.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie for The Urban List

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