The 8 "Most Sunshine Coast" Experiences You Need To Tick Off

By Claire Plush
16th Feb 2017

Alright guys, we’re truly testing you now. If you really want to be able to say that you’ve “been there, done that,” listen up.

Here at Metropolist, we know the Sunshine Coast has so many unique and different activities and adventures to get amongst, but we’ve decided to narrow it down, once and for all.

To help you on your way to having the most Sunshine Coast experience EVER, here are our top eight things to do in our marvellous region—from beach to bush.

1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Not only are we #blessed to be waking up where we do, but the Sunshine Coast is also home to some of Australia’s best coffee. And yes, we’re all addicted—to the hunt and the hit. From tiny espresso bars and specialist roasters to cute-as-anything cafes, if you really want to experience the Sunshine Coast, start the day as the locals do—with a good ol’ cup of joe. Extra points for sitting in the sun when it’s already 30 degrees out, ‘cause that’s just how we roll. Start to work your way through these 26 coffee shops you don’t wanna miss, and enjoy that caffeine!

2. Spend A Morning At The Markets

By now, you’ve probably realised the Sunshine Coast has a thing for markets. Not just a “this is temporary” kinda thing but more like a “they’re our soul-mates and we would be lost without them” scenario. Spread up and down the Coast, these weekend markets are the bees knees for filling some kind of woven basket or netted bag (#marketstyle) with fresh produce from our local farmers, just-caught seafood, flowers, Sunshine Coast-made cheese, honey, yoghurt… the list goes on. And that’s before we even mention the food stalls that are lined up, sending wafts of delish breakfast smells into the air. Yep, do not, I repeat, DO NOT eat breakfast before you to the markets. You’d miss out on freshly-baked pastries, curries, bacon + egg rolls, smoothies, injectable doughnuts and that, my friends, would just be a crying shame. Work your way through Caloundra Street Fair (Sundays), Noosa Farmers Market (Sundays), and Hinterland Harvest Market (Saturdays).

3. Tackle A Beach Walk Without Stepping Foot On The Sand

We do love sand, and we do love the beach, but we don’t have to be on it all the damn time. Enter the beach pathway—a trusty track that runs alongside of the coastline, perfect for afternoon strolls or heart-palpitating runs with a view. Thankfully, the Sunshine Coast has some killer offerings—Bulcock Beach to Moffat Beach, Noosa National Park, Coolum Beach to Yaroomba, and Alexandra Headland to Mooloolaba Spit—so there’s no chance you’ll get bored.

4. Drink Beer! And Then More Beer.

Us Queenslanders… we could live off beer. It’s almost as if this thirst-quenching tipple was made for our climate. So, if there’s another thing we do well on the Sunshine Coast, it’s drink beer. This happens most days in our neck of the woods, so if you’re visiting, you’d best be throwing your alcohol-is-for-weekends rule out the window. It’s time to let your beer flag fly! The best place to start would be at our local breweries, followed by a schooner in one of these beer gardens, and then, if you’ve nominated your designated driver, hit the road and check out these awesome old-school pubs. What are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

5. Get On Or In The Water

Whether you deem yourself a long lost sibling of Ariel and are waiting for your mermaid tail to spawn, or just love a good ol’ splish splash in the shallows, the Sunshine Coast has some pretty stellar water activities to get on board with. From surfing a beach break at Warana to an overnight kayaking mission up the Noosa Everglades, we truly are spoilt for choice. NB: Probably best done before drinking beer and more beer.

6. Discover Drool-Worthy Finds

Okay, where do we even begin? Why not with the fact that the Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most utterly delicious food EVER?! If you really want to get stuck into all things scrumdiddlyumptious and out of this world, pay attention and get ready to lick your lips. We’ve got the roasted pork Torta at Cholo with a dipping sauce you’re going to want to bottle and take home. Along with the ridiculous Yakitori Golden Gai board for two peeps by our mates at Guru Life which totally needs to be washed down with a cocktail jug. And let’s not forget, for the Nutella Brioche Toast complete with a ball of peanut butter ice cream and a chocolate-dipped waffle cone. See? Drooool!

7. BBQ Baby

Sure, this is an Australian pastime but does the rest of the country have incredibly well-kept, FREE barbecues on riverfronts and in beachside parks? No? Exactly! Make the most of what we consider councils’ best ever outlay, and cook a late afternoon BBQ with your mates by the water. Throw down your beach towel (who needs picnic rugs?!), lay out an epic cheese platter, sip on some wine, and get those snags sizzlin’. Here are our picks of the best BBQ spots on the Sunshine Coast.

8. Explore The Hinterland—All Of It

A real local knows the whole of the region, not just the beach towns. So, jump in your car and head bush because some of the best spots the Sunshine Coast has to offer are tucked away in the hinterland. Want some clues to help you on your way? Well, we’ve got beautiful waterfalls you can swim under, next-level hikes, plus a whole heap of eating and drinking to do in both Noosa Hinterland and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Scenic drives don’t come much better.

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Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist

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