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5 Epic Acai Bowls That Belong In Your Life

By Lianna Speers
23rd Jan 2017

First thing is first, let’s get to the bottom of what acai actually is.

There’s many pronunciations floating around, with a lot of people confidently ordering an “a-ky” or “a-sigh” bowl. However, if you want to sound like a health pro, start memorising “ah-sah-yee” and you’ll get the nod of approval at the counter.

Now, let’s get to the seed of acai. (That probably sounded lame but the punchline is coming.) Acai is actually a berry that grows on palm trees in the Amazon rainforest. For real!

So, now that you can pronounce the name and know the origin, where can you get your hands on this fruitilicious superfood? We thought you’d never ask! Here’s five of the best acai bowls on the Sunshine Coast to devour in 2017:

Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe in Caloundra is your ultimate go-to vegetarian and vegan hotspot. If the name doesn’t speak for itself, then you need to add a little green into your life. If you’re searching for a delicious acai bowl and epic food art, we suggest the pure unsweetened Acai bowl. And if the Amazon deliciousness doesn’t leave you begging for more, then the presentation will. Had Acai five days in a row? Order the fluffy vegan pancakes decorated with seasonal fruits and coconut ice cream. Drool!
Where: Shop 5, 8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra

Coco Loco Club

Hiding away in Moffat Beach is Coco Loco Club. Sounds like an intense 70s disco, doesn’t it? But the only crew the Coco Loco Club disco caters for is your taste buds. The antioxidant-enriched acai bowls will make your buds dance to the beat of berries. Grab a bowl and a friend and head to the beach for an afternoon of fun in the sun and heavenly eating. And don’t forget to hashtag your #acai adventures for a shout out on the Coco Loco Club Insta page! Psssst! They’ve also just opened Little Coco Loco Club on Bulcock Street for you Caloundra CBD hooligans.
Where: 3 Roderick Street, Moffat Beach

CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods

In the heart of Mooloolaba, lies CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods—a local all-rounder that provides nothing but the tastiest and healthiest food alternatives. If you’re in search of an amazing acai head down to Mbar for this delicious treat. The in-house granola and seasonal fruits will send you spiralling into a health trance and you won’t dare look back. Don’t hesitate to opt-in for a roadie… May we suggest the icy-cold Pitaya smoothie? It’ll quench that thirst and well, it’s just damn yummy!
Where: 17 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba


The greatest decision for acai bowls is Decisions. Why, you ask? Nup, it’s not because we mention them all the time, it’s because they’re in a super location with super food and super service. Was that too much super in one sentence? Have you tried the acai bowl and Mango Passion Bowl? We go cray over the acai bowl and the Mango Passion Bowl but we can’t decide which is the best. The acai bowl has nut-free granola and frozen banana and berries, and then the Mango Passion Bowl has pure coconut flesh and passionfruit puree. The decision is too hard. We’ll just have to get one for each hand. That’s why we have two hands, right?
Where: 10 Capital Place, Birtinya

Acai Brothers

If your bucket list contains the best acai bowls on the Sunshine Coast, then make sure you’ve ticked off the Acai Brothers in Mooloolaba. What makes them different? How about the fact you can design your own bowl? Who doesn’t love a little authority with their food?! If you’re an acai newbie, hath no fear because their menu board will guide you. We’ve already handpicked our favourite—there’s just something about Nutella that tickles our soul. The Raw Nutella Bowl will not disappoint and you can garnish it with the fruits you love. We’re making it our mission to try all the bowls—hello brain freeze!
Where: 1/3 River Esplanade Mooloolaba

Have we missed your fave acai bowl on the Sunshine Coast? Let us know. We are always on the hunt for delicious goodness.

Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist

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