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You Can Actually Adopt A Beehive (& 80,000 Bees) On The Sunshine Coast!

By Claire Plush
14th Jul 2017


Okay, so we’re a little bit slow on the uptake of this one BUT did you know you could adopt a beehive on the Sunshine Coast? Cos we sure as hell didn’t. 

Since 2012, the Adopt A Beehive program has been helping connect locals with farms and bees (duh) across the Sunshine Coast. The idea is, you pay a one-off adoption fee of $590 for your hive, then a smaller annual fee on the yearly anniversary ($125) to help with the upkeep. In turn you’ll get a legit certificate of adoption (how does it feel mum and dad?), all while giving around 80,000 bees a safe haven and helping to combat the bee decline.

Plus, once a year, there’s an open day where you can visit your own hive and say hello to your super bee friends, at their home (I meant hive) on an organic and biodynamic farm on the Sunshine Coast. How good is that?!
As the bees’ adoptive parent, you’ll also land yourself 8kgs of raw honey each year from your very own bees. And, during honey season, you’ll be on the list to join in on Field Tasting Days where you’ll taste honey at different farms and mingle with the Apiarist (that’s fancy talk for beekeeper). 

It all sounds pretty cool, huh? Now, while we’d never tell you to jump into this super serious life-changing decision without first talking it over with your loved ones, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and bee-coming a bee parent, you might want to also check out the Kookaburra Organics’ Introduction To Beekeeping workshops.

For more info, head to the Adopt A Beehive website. 

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