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17 Sunshine Coast Breakfasts You Need To Try

By Claire Plush
14th Mar 2017

When it comes to breakfast, the Sunshine Coast has got it dialled. From healthy snacks and breakfast boards to loaded pancakes and good ol’ trusty eggs benny—basically, anything goes.

It’s serious business this whole breakfast bossing thing so, to save you and your mates the pain of figuring out where to head first, we’ve gathered our faves to create a bucket list featuring some of the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast.

Trust us, you’ll have brekkie on the mind for all the weekends to come.

Guru LifeSweet Corn Fritters | Backstreet Cafe

Warming, sweet, a tad healthy—this is the breakfast to see you through the chillier months. Dished up at Backstreet Cafe, these sweet corn fritters with rocket, roasted cherry toms, relish, dukkah, and a perfectly-cooked poached egg are all kinds of delicious.

Pancakes | Silverback Cafe

Warning: You’ll want to Insta the shiz outta this brekkie. Easily one of the best cafes in Buderim, Silverback’s pancakes will make it hard for you to ever order anything else. Paired with bacon, roasted pecans and grilled pair, topped with cinnamon vanilla mascarpone and then drizzled in maple syrup, we’re salivating just writing this one down.

Breakfast Tacos | Corbins

Tacos for breakfast—a sentence that brings tears of joy to our eyes and a grumble to our stomachs. Corbins are doing up an epic combo with speck, mushroom, avocado, egg, tomato jewel, and gruyere cheese. Now, that’s what we’re taco-ing about!

High Protein Paleo Salad | CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods

Before you scream “salad, for breakfast???” let us fill you in because this ain’t just any bowl of leaves. Piled on a bed of kale, this epic concoction of flaked salmon, eggs, avo, asparagus, sundried tomato, roast almonds, and a side of grilled chicken will leave you feeling full and nourished. The perfect post-workout feed, this brekkie dish is offered all-day long at CK Coffee Bar & Wholefoods.

The Guru Life | Guru Life

We could never talk about breakfast bosses without including the lads from Guru Life. Even though we’re still losing our shit over the fact they’re now open nights, we could never forget they started out with smooth coffee and ridic breakfasts. Need a hand deciding? We don’t blame you. Go for their namesake breakfast—Guru Life—a ginormous feast of eggs, woodland mushies, spiced potato kofta (oh my!), avocado, housemade relish, roast grape tomatoes, served with toasted Turkish bread and herb butter. This is easily one of the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast—just ask anyone!

Rocky Road French Toast | One Block Back

OMG! This One Block Back dish is almost too pretty to eat, but we’re not ones to judge books by their covers, so devour it we did. There’s no point holding back so we’re going to go ahead and say it… it’s the best French toast we’ve had in forever. The cinnamon brioche French toast soaked in creamy coconut and paired with vanilla bean coco ice cream, chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and candied strawberries is something you should definitely be eating, stat.

Perry Eggs | Cafe Le Monde

These are not your regular scrambled eggs. No sirree. They’re WAY better for a few reasons. 1) Because they’re organic, and we love doing something good without having to think about it. 2) They’re mixed with red onion, parsley, chilli, and a pepita pesto and served with golden toasted Tanglewood organic sourdough. And 3) because they go really, really well with a side of Cafe Le Monde‘s duck fat fried rosemary potatoes. Nuff said!

Avocado Toast | Milk Bar

Smashed avo competition on the Sunshine Coast is fierce, and Milk Bar’s pimped up offering of this classic breakfast dish is definitely high on the list. Featuring toasted organic sourdough, avocado, goat’s (is this correct? I’ve always written with apostrophe in the past) feta, pepita seed dukka, and charred lemon, you can even add poached eggs and bacon if you wish (ummm, yes please!).

Baked Bean Jaffle | Pitchfork

We’re all about jaffles, but when they’re stuffed with baked beans and housemade smoky bacon, then topped with a fried egg, they could quite easily become our fave dish in the world. Head to Pitchfork to get yours now!

Buckwheat Brekkie Crepe | The Velo Project

Okay, so you got us—all Velo’s crepes are buckwheat and they’ve got a shitload of ‘em. But our pick of the bunch, the one you really should try in 2017, is laid with roasted pumpkin, marinated feta, red onion, spinach, and toasted seeds. Then take it up a notch and add bacon—there’ll be no regrets.

Nasi Goreng | The Greenhouse Cafe

Do as the Indonesians do and start your day with a warming bowl of nasi goreng. Plated up daily at The Greenhouse Cafe, this brekkie dish is a mix of brown rice, Asian veggies, peanut satay, and then garnished with a fried egg. So tasty it hurts!

Sweet Corn, Capsicum And Polenta Cakes | Monicas Cafe

Other than the fact you’ve got to go check out Monicas Cafe latest interior revamp, we highly recommend sticking around to try the sweet corn, capsicum, coriander and polenta cakes. (Phew, that was a mouthful. A tasty one but nonetheless.) Made even better with smoked salmon, smashed avo, dill and caper sour cream (yep, we hear you!), baby spinach and lemon, this is the breakfast dish of hinterland champions.

Pancakes | Elliotts Bistro

For those among us who aren’t already sweet enough, the pancakes at Elliotts Bistro will take you to your happy place. Complete with maple butter, drizzled with a berry compote, and finished with vanilla bean ice cream, put this on your #cheatday hit list and make it happen!

Local Brekkie Board | Hungry Feel

This is on our own personal to-do list. While we might not have tried it IRL, we’ve tried it a bunch in our minds. And coming from Hungry Feel, we know it’s going to be incredible. Laid with local produce from across the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be devouring free-range eggs from Kenilworth, Bendele organic duck “ham”, Palmwoods mushrooms, Cedar Street haloumi… and so much more. Yep, it’s not hard to see why this has got to be one of the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast.

Cabbage Pancake | Little Boat/Winnie

Okay, so we’re kinda cheating here but seeing as Little Boat and Winnie are linked, you’ll be able to find this Japanese-inspired dish across the stores. The Cabbage Pancake AKA okonomiyaki with manchego, twice-cooked pork jowl, fried greens and egg—basically, when people talk about brunch this is what they mean. Not a cabbage fan? No worries! These menus are overflowing with some of the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast, so take your pick!

Pulled Pork Benedict | Izba

Got milk kids? This brekkie spot is calling you. With an actual playground just metres away, you’ll be stuffing your face with Izba‘s epic pulled pork benedict in total peace. They’re still playing? Stay a little longer and sip on a strong Fonzie Abbott coffee.

Truffled Croque Madame | Gainsbourg

We’re pretty sure that if Gainsbourg were around he’d be “oh la la-ing” at the truffled croquet madame being dished up at Gainsbourg. We highly doubt there’s a better breakfast invention than ham, cheese, and gooey béchamel wedged between two slices of brioche and toasted, before being topped with a fried egg.

Do you have a fave go-to cafe when you feel like devouring the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast? Let us know!

Image Credit: Amy Higg for Metropolist

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