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Where To Find 5 Of The Coast’s Best Bulk Food Stores

By Laura Braulins
6th Jun 2019

bulk food stores

The zero-waste revolution is upon us and we’re pumped; there’s never been a greater time to show up for the environment by bringing your own bags when shopping, sipping your morning coffee from a reusable cup, and slinging the deceivingly humble straw a firm ‘no’ when ordering a cocktail. 

Times are changing, and along for the ride we have bulk food stores popping up with a promise to reduce waste, save your wallet from its usual grocery store pounding, and keep the environment smiling. The next time you’re loading your car with those reusable bags, make a beeline for the best five bulk food stores on the Sunshine Coast.

The Source Bulk Foods

Various Locations

This powerhouse of a bulk food store needs no introduction, but we’re gonna give it one because the world needs to know about the smorgasbord of locally-sourced organic goodies taking up space at The Source. You’ll find all your favourite nuts, beans, pulses, herbs, spices and superfoods backed by a zero-waste philosophy that’ll send you soaring into a way of life that doesn’t negatively impact the environment. The best part; each store is individually run by a team of passionate locals, so you’ll know the community vibes will be strong.

Kunara Organic Marketplace

Forest Glen

If every bite is a new opportunity to feel healthier and happier, Kunara Organic Marketplace absolutely nails the brief with their incredible range of bulk goods on offer. Whether you’re chasing lentils, cacao powder, medicinal mushrooms or a dash of Himalayan salt, a visit to Kunara Organic Marketplace is a no brainer. With their ‘only buy what you need’ ethos, it’s not only a huge win for your health and the environment, but also your bank account. Yes, people, that means you can order the avocado toast every once and a while. Hot tip: go hungry and fill up at their good-for-you café. 

Belmondos Organic Marketplace


Do your part by making Belmondos Organic Marketplace a regular task on your to-do list. A trip to Noosaville’s self-proclaimed world of wellness may initially bring on feelings of overwhelm with their generous range of options, but once bulk food shopping becomes a habit, you’ll be acing your weekly shop in no time. Plus, when you finish trawling the bulk food wonderland, you can pick up your fruit, vegetables, meat and even a coffee next door. Ahh, sustainability is so cool, and practical.

The Wellness Mill


Don’t feel embarrassed when you hear ‘clean up on aisle five’ over the speaker system of The Wellness Mill following the puddle of drool you’ve expelled on the floor post bulk food wall sighting; it’s a completely normal occurrence at The Wellness Mill. With the vast spectrum of wholefood cargo, you’ll feel like a healthy version of Charlie in the chocolate, or carob, factory, as you stock up on the essentials whilst minimising single-use plastics. Nourishing your body has never been so rewarding.

Naked Foods


Wellness foodies will have a field day over the diverse collection of bulk foods available at Naked Foods in Maroochydore; the design of the store alone makes the trip worthwhile. Think: sleek and minimalist walls of bulk food tubs, and if that’s what it takes to get your body moving into a zero-waste future, then we aren’t gonna judge. Spruce up your pantry with all the rice, quinoa, freekeh and flour your heart flutters for, and take your meals to the next level.

Image credit: Ella Olsson

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