The Best Sausage Rolls On The Sunshine Coast

By Trixie Hillen
29th Jun 2017


It’s a little known cooking technique that we’ve pretty much perfected—ANYTHING is better when you wrap it in pastry. Beef stew, leftover savoury mince, any kind of fruit—hell, even Nutella gets better when you cook it in pastry, and it’s pretty freaking hard to improve upon Nutella. 

So when you get a food that’s pretty much focused on the awesomeness of the pastry, you really can’t go wrong. Roll up for your guide to the best, flakiest, most sausagey rolls on the whole damn Sunshine Coast. 

Cuba Street


It’s a genuine challenge to choose from the fully stocked fridge cabinet at Cuba Street. It’s packed with super-fresh goodies—wraps, quiches, salads, sandwiches. But it’s the housemade sausage rolls with flaky pastry that are giving us ALL the feels. Combine these bad boys with an all-day brekky menu and house-roasted coffee beans, you’d be nuts to even consider stopping anywhere else for a final taste of the Coast before waving goodbye to your mates at the airport. 

Essential Grain

Peregian Springs

If you didn’t know exactly where to head, you’d totally miss this little gem. So you can thank us for pointing you in the direction of the Essential Grain bakery, tucked in  Peregian Springs. Their vego sausage roll is possibly even better than the meat one, with a filling of carrot, spinach, feta and pinenuts. And this vego filling is a crucial part of their meat sausage roll too—mixed with pork and beef to give it a seriously complex kick of flavour. The vegie mix also helps texture of the sausage roll, so they don’t need to use starchy filler like breadcrumbs. 

The Nines


We all know it’s worth heading to The Nines at ANY time to gorge on one of their loaded shakes, but if you’re really lucky, you might catch them on a day when their refrigerated cabinet is stocked with locally-made sausage rolls. Served with chips or salad, they’re made with a spicy, seasoned filling that includes chilli, garlic, coriander and parsley, plus a secret ingredient (we’re been sworn to secrecy!) So, do you feel lucky? Well? Do you?

Van Wegens Bakery


The granddaddy of all the bakeries on the Sunshine Coast, Van Wegens put a serious amount of effort into all their pastries. And if you want options, this is the spot to be. Their classic sausage roll is made with seasoned beef and pink Himalayan salt flakes, but Dane also dishes up a pork, fennel and apple variety (yep, it’s like a roast dinner wrapped in flaky pastry), and a crunchy, cheesy option if that’s how you roll (pun TOTALLY intended).

Harvest Breads

Cotton Tree

We just can’t go past the cute little outdoor tables in the sunshine at Harvest, EVEN if we’re on our way to Cotton Tree drool over the threads at Alterior Motif. So grab a sausage roll (they also do a delish mini variety, if you’re just up for a snack) a Benchmark Coldpress coffee and take a minute to chill and enjoy your lunch. And if the tables are full, get it take away and head over to the park, dip your feet in the water and try not to let the seagulls steal your food. 

Hinterland Feijoas

Belli Park

‘Hinterland fej-what now?’ I hear you ask. Don’t worry, we did too. But then someone promised us the chance to pat a miniature pony called Twinkle Toes and we immediately ordered an Uber to take us out to Belli Park and Hinterland Feijoas organic farm. ‘No goddammit, I don’t CARE what it’s going to cost me—just take me to Twinkle Toes NOW!’ This little slice of pastoral bliss is open every Saturday and has a delightfully hipster combo of organic fruit and local produce, an artisan gallery, a miniature goat petting pen and a retro coffee van called Myrtle. We kid you not. You can grab fresh feijoas in season, and order coffee, gelato and some snacky lunch, which, of course, includes ridiculously good sausage rolls. Insider tip: Head to the freezer and grab a few to take home too! 

Vanilla Food


It’s hard to believe sausage rolls can be healthy, but Vanilla Food, hiding behind Tanglewood Bakery inside Belmondos, have managed to nail it. The organic pork and sage sausage rolls are served up with a fresh, crunchy salad and you can even order a Noosa Cleanse detox juice on the side. But get in early because they usually sell out before lunchtime is over!

More of a sweet tooth? Have you devoured the Sunshine Coast's best caramel slice?

Image credit: Claire Plush for The Urban List

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