Breaking | Bonsai Brewhouse Has Found A New Home!

By Claire Plush
5th Apr 2017

In January, we sombrely shared news that one of our favourite breweries on the Sunshine Coast was closing its doors.

And while we won’t go into details about what happened, one thing became clear—the local community, from Caloundra to Noosa and the hinterlands, didn’t want to see the end of Bonsai Brewhouse, despite it not being able to stay at its Pomona premises.

Back then, the future of the brewery was uncertain, but owners Cass and Matt were bowled over by the love, generosity and support of beer guzzlers across the region who shared in their disappointment and shock.

Fast forward to today, and we’re so freakin’ excited to announce that Bonsai Brewhouse has found a new home! Cue fireworks, confetti, and a whole lot of clinking beer glasses emojis, because this is the kinda news that can make a week, well, awesome!

After many Sunshine Coast locals begged for Bonsai to build a new brewery in their towns, it’s Cass and Matt’s hometown of Cooran that has come up trumps. Yep, Bonsai Brewery will be opening in this Noosa Hinterland town very soon!

Housed in a heritage-listed building, right in town, you can expect much of the same laid-back vibes, but with even more room to move. Beer will still be brewed on site and there’s even promise of tasty eats, thanks to a ridiculously delish menu from Boiling Pot Food who will be setting up their food trailer inside the premises.

With a refurb underway and a whole lot of work ahead of them, Bonsai Brewhouse is setting its sights on throwing open their doors in three months’ time. And, not-so-quietly, we are pumped!

So, if you’ve been hanging for a Laynes Lager, an Archies Ale or the designated driver’s drink of choice, the Sungazer, no doubt your tastebuds (and liver) are having a little party of their own, right about now.

Well, folks, that’s all the deets we’re prepared to share right now, but sit tight and we’ll bring your first look inside, just as soon as the first cold frothy ones are being poured. Cheers!

When: Coming soon
Where: Cooran

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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