BREAKING | Bonsai Brewhouse Is Closing Its Doors!

By Claire Plush
19th Jan 2017

Guys, we come bearing bad news. And there’s no point beating around the bush… Bonsai Brewhouse in Pomona is closing its doors at the end of this weekend.

Yep, we’re devastated not only for ourselves and the rest of the beer guzzlers across the Sunshine Coast, but more so, for owners Cass and Matt who are having to move out of the rented space they turned from a derelict shed into a rustic boutique brewery and bar for our drinking pleasure.

The Bonsai Brewhouse we’ve all come to know and love, first came on the scene back in April 2016 and created waves across the Coast, and all the way down to our thirsty mates in BrisVegas, for its charming set-up and range of experimental frothies.

Sadly, this coming weekend is the last chance you’ll be able to pull up a rickety chair and down a beer with your mates at what we rate as one of the best breweries on the Sunshine Coast.

We reckon Bonsai deserves to go out with a bang, so round up your faves, pack some BYO food, book an Uber, and get ready to taste a mammoth selection of beers—because they’ve all got to go.

Thanks for the good times, Bonsai! You were so good to us! And made our pot bellies grow with happiness wink

Bonsai Brewhouse’s final opening hours are as follows:

Thursday: 3.30pm ‘til late
Friday: 10am ‘til late
Saturday and Sunday: 10am ‘til late.

Where: 18b Reserve Street, Pomona

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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