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Guys, Catalina Is Now Doing Breakfast & We’re Freakin’ Out!

By Claire Plush
3rd May 2017

Ready for your weekends to get a whole lot better? Okay. Here we go.

This Sunday, your fave floating event space AKA that gloriously white boat that cruises Noosa River packed with good looking people sipping cocktails AKA MV Catalina, are launching breakfasts. Did you hear us? BREAKFASTS ON CATALINA ARE SOON TO BE A THING!

To say we’ve been dreaming about this moment forever would be a flat out lie, BUT we’re kinda slapping ourselves we didn’t think of it sooner. But alas, there’s no time for dwelling on our lack of psychic ability, because this is happening. For real. And now that it is, we’re kinda excited to not let our preconceived ideas of what a Catalina breakfast could look like, ruin the beauty of what it’ll actually be like. Feelin’ us?

Now, onto the question you’re all probably asking? But howwwww? How will this stunning boat, famed for its Sunday sessions, do breakfast? That, my friends, is a great question, and one we’re hanging to answer.

So, you know our mates down at Gainsbourg and their catering company Something For Catering (clever name, huh?), well this Mooloolaba crew are jumping on the motorway and cruising to Noosa to team up with Catalina, and serve you ridiculously delicious breakfast dishes.

The menu is tight, but it’s filled with their best sellers, so you know that you’re onto a good wicket. We highly recommend the brûlée brioche French toast or, if you’re feeling a little rusty after Saturday night’s shenanigans, then you’ll be pleased to know the spiced pork and egg brekkie burger is just dying to get itself inside your belly (srsly, it told us). Wash it all down with a cup of joe from Single Origin, and bam!—you’ve just landed yourselves what could quite possibly become one of the best breakfasts on the Sunshine Coast. Spoiler: we think it DEFINITELY will.

In case it’s not clear enough, let’s paint a quick picture—you’re floating on Noosa River, in the sunshine, eating breakfast cooked by some of the best chefs on the Sunshine Coast, hanging on sun loungers—what’s not to love? Zilch. Nadda. Nothing!

As with all Catalina events, seats for breakfast are limited, so you’ll need to reserve your spot asap or miss out on this lil bit of morning magic in Noosa. This Sunday’s launch breakfast kicks off at 8am, with   two other sittings at 9am and 10am. Brekkie tickets for the same time slots on May 21 and June 4, are also available to book now.

When: Sunday, May 7 at 8am; then May 21 and June 4
Where: MV Catalina, Gympie Terrace, Noosa River

Image Credit: Gainsbourg

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