23 Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas To Try This Winter

By Sophie Wright
23rd Jun 2017


Romance hardly ever comes cheap, but we’re here to prove that it 100% can! Here are 23 dates on the Sunshine Coast that will amp up the romance without breaking the bank. 

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? You can thank us with an invite to the wedding. #jokingnotjoking 

  1. Share a cheese plate at Pitchfork.   
  2. Build a fire, toast some marshmallows and cuddle up all night long.    
  3. Everyone knows a good ol’ Netflix binge is the height of romance. Play the smart card and watch one of these docos.    
  4. Fiddy bucks will get you a pizza and a bottle of wine on a Wednesday at Brouhaha Brewery
  5. Alternatively, Montville Gourmet Pizzeria is BYO… 
  6. Cosy up by the fire with wine and dumplings at Embassy XO.
  7. Share a bowl of pasta from Locale. Channel Lady And The Tramp. 
  8. Afterwards, grab ice cream from Massimo’s, because no date is complete without dessert, even on the cheap. 
  9. Stare into each other’s eyes as you chow down on 50c wings from La Canteena on a Thursday.  
  10. Couples who sweat together stay together—get those endorphins flowing with these winter hikes
  11. Hold hands and stroll along Sunshine Beach.  
  12. Invite bae over for a night in feat. beer and board games. 
  13. Grab some microwave popcorn, round up all of the cushions and blankets you can find and turn your living room into a home cinema. Start by re-watching the entire series of The Office. 
  14. Tuck into a Tower of Heaven from Elixiba.  
  15. Invite bae over. Lie on kitchen table. Cover yourself in sushi. Leave door unlocked. We’ll leave the rest up to you. 
  16. Shop for a special gift for your significant other at our best op shops
  17. Beach days scream romance. Get in the water and practice your Dirty Dancing lift because no-one puts Baby in the corner. 
  18. Test your ‘parenting’ skills and spend an afternoon volunteering at the RSPCA. 
  19. Head to Peregian Originals, armed with a blanket, and let the sweet live tunes do the talking. 
  20. Spend an evening feasting at Timari Village Markets
  21. Canoodle under the stars with a sunset-turned-late-night picnic at Mooloolaba Beach. 
  22. Cook up a storm and settle in for the night with a bottle of wine (or two). But first, make them an espresso martini. Minds will be blown.
  23. Embark on some of our fave scenic drives around the Coast. All you need are some snacks from the pantry and a bit o’ fuel in the tank!

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Image credit: The Notebook

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