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We Check Out The New Village Bicycle

By Claire Plush
4th Feb 2017

We’re the first to admit, we freakin’ love when new places pop up on the Coast.

And maybe, the only thing that could possibly top it, is when an old-timer moves to a new location, creating an even more epic space than the one we’d come to know and love. Just like Village Bicycle did.

Opening over the summer break, while we were all busy wrapping pressies and crying into our cheap vino over our depleted bank balance (oh, that was just us?), when we got around to checking out the new Village Bicycle it was totally what we expected and then some. If you haven’t visited it yet, feast your peepers on these images and you’ll want to get there, stat.

Anyhoo, back to the story. For those that didn’t keep up with the news, and it was news, Village Bicycle was kinda forced to move on from its old corner location or risk turning into a boring, “you’re going to have to sit down” bar with a whole heap of restrictions. Which was totally NOT the style of bar owners Luke and Trev set out to create all those years ago.

So, they went on the search for a space they could turn into the new Village Bicycle—a space that would make them less stressed humans, with less rules, and more space.

Nabbing a posi on the main junction drag, it took the boys, with the help of friends and family, months to transform it into what you’ll see today. But, we’ll speak on behalf of errybody when we say it was worth the wait. This place is seriously cool. In the words of the Balinese: “it’s same, same but different”. Get us?

We rocked up to check it out on a Friday afternoon, half an hour after they’d thrown open the doors, and it was packed. And we mean, so packed there was one bar table in the back courtyard we managed to score. If that doesn’t scream “THE place to be”, we don’t know what does.

Split into three areas—a front patio with tables and bar seating overlooking the street, a dark and moody indoor area complete with a mammoth booth and a pendant-lit bar, and our fave, a city-vibing beer garden—we felt like we were on holidays the whole time we were there, which can only be a good thing.

In the food and drink department—a department that we love—these guys are pulling their weight with tacos, delish burgers—go the VFC with spiced buttermilk fried chicken, pickles, house hot sauce, chipotle mayo and slaw—American hot dogs and some seriously more-ish sides! I guess we should mention they’re doing poutine too, because this cheesy, gravy Canadian dish deserves a sentence all of its own. We sip on a Young Henry’s before moving onto an Aperol Spritz, which tastes like summer.

And that folks, is just the beginning. Now that the boys have settled in, they’ve promised it’s only going to get better. There’ll be the occasional event in the beer garden, pop-up live music sessions (they’re not normally planned), and later opening hours, making this one relocation we can totally get behind.

So, if you haven’t dropped in to the new Village Bicycle, count this as a not-so-gentle nudge from us to make it happen. And for the dudes and dudettes who were going to use the little tykes as an excuse, they’ve even got a kid’s menu so it’s #notgoingtowork smile

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 4pm till late, and Sunday from 12.30pm till late. 

Where: 6/16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Heads

Image Credit: Daniel Hine for Metropolist

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