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Make Your Cheese Dreams Come True With These Cheese Delivery Services

By Lillian Curthoys
9th Apr 2020

cheese delivery sunshine coast

We might be going through one of the toughest times as a country, as businesses and industries deal with the forced closures, but there are some saving graces as we all battle the staying-at-home blues, and naturally, they come in the form of cheese.

Fromageries and cheesemongers are squaring up against COVID-19, offering cheese delivery services on the Sunshine Coast that we hope stick around once all the craziness has passed. Lactose intolerant people, look away, or keep your eyes fixed, it might be worth it. 


It’s a fact, cheese platters make everything better. And lucky for us, we have a bunch of cheesemakers on the Sunshine Coast, but Fromart in Eudlo goes a step further offering online ordering and delivery. Creators of genuine handcrafted Swiss-style cheese, their online shop is stocked with hard, semi-hard, Swiss alpine cheeses, plus those you’ll need for a delicious fondue or raclette. 

Maleny Food Co.

Tucked in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Maleny Food Co. is heaven when it comes to artisan foods. Complete with a full, aroma-heavy fromagerie, this is where you can find the finest Australian and international cheeses on the Sunshine Coast. With the current COVID-19 state of affairs, a walk-through this cheese shop is likely out of the question but thankfully they’ve started taking orders and offering delivery for orders within a 10km radius. With over 250 cheeses to choose from, including favourites such as brie, Swiss, French and raclette cheeses, as well as a range of gourmet cured meats and fresh organic pâtés, you can be sure if you live in Maleny or surrounds, you’ll have access to one of the best cheese delivery services on the Sunshine Coast. Lucky things!

Deliss Artisan French Food

If you’re craving real-deal French cheese, alongside a few smoked meats, Spanish small goods and Foie Gras, let Deliss Artisan French Food come to you. Delivering their incredible array of platter-friendly eats to the Sunshine Coast, you’ll be giving your at-home cheese board the ‘oomph’ you’re craving while in iso. 

Cheese Therapy 

As the folks at Cheese Therapy probably know, cheese therapy is definitely a thing, so they cure all manner of upsets with their Australia wide cheese delivery service. You can either order a Therapy Box, with six cheeses from five different cheesemakers, or be a part of the ultimate cheese club—a monthly pack that includes one each of a hard, blue, stinky and soft cheese. What’s more, ordering from Cheese Therapy is as much for you as it is for the staff, cheese makers and the dairy farmers that supply the fresh milk. 

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Image credit: Lumea Photo for Urban List | Maleny Food Co.

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