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Bed Sheets Made From Coffee Exist IRL

By Ange Law
7th Jul 2017


Yes guys, coffee bed sheets officially exist (like we needed one more excuse for bringing more of the good stuff into our lives). Ettitude’s bamboo coffee bedding is made from your favourite thing—coffee. Unfortunately, we’re about 99% sure that this doesn’t mean you get to fall asleep with the smell of fresh coffee in the air, but it’s all for a damn good cause, so that’s enough for us. 

The sheets are made from organic bamboo lyocell fabric and repurposed coffee grounds, so now your insane addiction for caffeine is actually saving the world. Believe it or not, these sheets also have the added bonus of being deodorising and moisture wicking, and they’re also hypoallergenic, making them perfect for your special allergic-to-everything friend (we’ve all got one). 

These ridiculously great (and beautiful) sheets have just been crowd-funded #winning. Head here for all the deets on how to get your hand on these bad boys.  

Image credit: Ettitude

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