OMG! Doughnut Fries Have Arrived On The Coast!

By Claire Plush
25th May 2017

Holy smokes, something big has just happened on the Sunshine Coast. And by big we obviously mean that we’ve got very important chip and doughnut-related news for you. Are you ready?

Here it is: one of our favourite cafes is now serving... DOUGHNUT. FRIES. We repeat: DOUGHNUT FRIES ARE HERE! Ahhhhhh. This is probably the best news we’ve ever heard.

If you are new to doughnut fries—aren't we all?—think little chip-like sticks of doughnut batter fried to crispy, pillowy perfection and served up dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Even better, if you’re a softy for Nutella, you can also have a decadent drizzle of warmed Nutella fudge all over them. Drool. 

We told you this was big news, but it’s going to get HUGE. Because along with doughnut fries, One Block Back have also just announced they’re doing doughnut cones. Choose between salted caramel honeycomb or Nutella choc fudge icecream loaded into a doughnut cone. We legit can’t even deal right now. 

Keen to get your hands on everything dougnutty? Make it this week’s mission to get to One Block Back in Moffat Beach to try these babies out. They’re available all day, every day, but we’re thinking they’ll be a sell-out, so don’t sleep in and tempt fate. M’kay? 

Image Credit: One Block Back

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