All The Reasons Why You Need To Give Cryotherapy A Go

By Caity Stone
15th Sep 2018

FloCryo Noosa

We’re willing to try anything once. No really, we are. So, when we got the chance to give cryo a go, how could we possibly say no? In case you missed it, cryotherapy is blowing up thanks to celebrity fans like LeBron James, Lucy Hale and Demi Lovato. Marky Mark does it every single day. 

Cryo is basically the genie who’ll grant you all of your health wishes. You’ll just have to endure an incredibly intense (really, it’s the best word we can think of) sensation for up to two minutes. Sounds simple, enough, doesn’t it? So how does it all work you might ask? 

Your session at FloCryo will go a little something like this. You’ll walk through the front door and be greeted by the lovely staff who are perhaps the calmest people you’ll ever meet. (Remember, these are the same people who are about to lock you into a freezer-like contraption for two whole mins). From there you’ll get a quick rundown on the benefits of cryo itself and how the machine works. It can be hard to focus as you think about the impending pain, but you’ll remember the basics. They also tell you that at any point during the sesh you can abort your mission should you choose to no longer proceed. An option we were glad we were told about. 

Next you’ll get changed, or stripped down as we liked to think of it. You can either go nude or wear your swimmers/underwear, but all who participate must wear thick socks and gloves. It’s not exactly something you’d wear on a first date, but we were glad that at least we had something to keep us mildly warm. 

Next, it’s time to step inside the machine and bask in all in the #health feels. The tank looks like a cylinder and your head is not submerged so you don’t feel too claustrophobic. The staff will encourage you to move around during the treatment, something we did willingly. 

Cryotherapy will basically plunge your body into below freezing temperatures (-140 degrees to be precise) but don’t let that deter you because it has a tonne of reported health benefits. We can also confirm that it isn't painful, just shockingly cold. Not a normal wintery cold, like a kind of cold you’ve never experienced before. 

The quick temp drop will send your endorphins through the roof, aid muscle recovery, boost metabolism and flush out those toxins from your bender over the weekend. Basically, it works by increasing the blood flow to your organs and floods your red blood cells with nutrients, oxygen, and enzymes (all the good stuff). This one can also be a ‘choose your own adventure’ if you’re shooting for a specific goal. Think: sport related recovery, an alternative treatment for overall health, weight loss and as an anti-aging remedy. It’s also good for people with problem skin such as eczema.

When we had our treatment, our muscles were tight and fatigued from a session at the gym, however the next morning the tightness had dissipated significantly. We call that a win. Well, we’re sold.

See you in the tank. 

Image credit: Amy Higg for The Urban List 

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