PSA: We Know Where To Get Frosé On The Sunshine Coast!

By Claire Plush
22nd Jan 2017

What’s better than a big ol’ glass of Rosé? A Rosé that has been perfectly mixed with a slushie, obvs.

Our city friends have been going slightly cray cray for this frozen beverage, which consists of rosé sorbet—stop it—laced with sparkling Rosé wine—we’re listening—and lovingly infused with fruit. Like all good cocktails, the Frosé was created accidently by a New York City mixologist (remember the Negroni was a “mistake” too). Someone give this man a medal!

Since arriving in Aus, Frosé has been sweeping the nation and social media, with many declaring it the drink of the summer. But, I hear you wondering, how can I, a humble Coast dweller, get my lips around a glass of Frosé this summer?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Café Le Monde are serving up their version of this summer buzzer—think: Rosé (no sorbet, though), mixed with vodka, vanilla, and cold-pressed watermelon, lime and mint—right now. Yep, as in NOW! So jump on the hype before the rest, and get yourself and your mates over there pronto. They’re even serving them in carafes, which is pretty much the best thing we’ve ever heard.

All praise the Frosé!

Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

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