Did You Know You Can Now Watch Netflix Offline?

By Simone Jovel
2nd Dec 2016

Hold onto your data and leave your questionable Internet connection at home, because you can now watch Netflix offline. We’ll just let that one sink in.

From today—so that means from NOW—you can download and finally watch everything that you’ve been meaning to. That means Narcos, The Crown, OINTB, Black Mirror (you guys neeeeeed to watch Black Mirror) can now be watched anywhere and everywhere. RIP the spinny wheel of buffering death, it’s now just another thing to add to the list of things that left our lives this year like Brangelina and Hiddleswift.

You can grab it now for both Android and iOS, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Christmas travel just got 178% better, even if you’re in aisle 75 next to the guy that has stolen your armrest, and ordered the egg salad.

To start Netflix and chilling wherever you damn well please just update your Netflix app. Happy bingeing.

While we have you, have you tried these Netflix hacks?

Image Credit: Orange Is The New Black

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