These Headphones Actually Adjust To Your Hearing And Welcome To The Future

By Jessica Best
17th Jan 2019

Magical may be the unofficial word to coin this headphone (it’s all innovative tech and music-loving scientists, engineers and creatives behind this bad boy) but the nuraphone is something else. It’s probably one of the most phenomenal pieces of tech you could ever actually own so in other words —  it’s up there with all the other high-calibre bluetooth headwear and still a likely candidate for your payday splurge.

The biggest thing about the nuraphone, is how it’s actually a world-first in producing personalised sound. It’s also bluetooth, so you can say ‘see ya’ to pesky wires and here’s a biggie — there’s no ‘on’ button. It’s so bloody smart that it just ‘knows’ when you’ve popped it on your head. 

Is it really that different from other headphones?

Hell yes it is. Across the board, the nuraphone has impacted the way many have listened to all kinds of genres. Always hated deep house music? Maybe you just never really heard it in a way that suited your hearing.

Along with this, the nuraphone is practically indisposable. Software updates (like the recently added ‘social mode’) are easily done through the app which means you don't have to buy a new pair every time there's an upgrade. Scope out more points about the nuraphone below:

  • Inova™ — It actually has patented architecture that combines in-ear and over-ear headphones. The in-ear buds deliver crystal clear melodies, while over-ear cups deliver bass you can feel.
  • CleanANC™ — You can choose to use the quiet listening option, which is a combination of dual-layer passive noise isolation and active noise cancellation.
  • Social Mode™ — Pass external audio into the nuraphone for conversations, awareness and calls.
  • Immersion Mode — The nuraphone has a bass driver in each ear cup that you can adjust to make it feel like you’re actually at a  live gig.

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Wait, So what Does Personalised Sound even mean?

Basically, the nuraphone is self-learning (it’s like a really curious kid but a lot more useful and fun) and automatically learns and adapts to your individual hearing. You know, since no two people hear things the same way.

Right, so how does that work?

Without getting too technical, the nuraphone works from setting up ‘hearing profiles’ and just like your Instagram, it’s super, super personalised to you. During the set-up, the nuraphone prompts you to listen to 60 seconds of jumbled frequencies. The fancy software can then determine which frequencies you hear clearest and which ones you’re not so great at picking up.

Once the nuraphone has collected all this info and creates your hearing profile, it adapts it to your music so that it matches your hearing system and delivers all the detail of the music you love in a hyper-personalised way.

The nuraphone currently retails at $499.

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