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PSA: Your First Look At 12 New iPhone Emoji!

By Simone Jovel
18th Jul 2017

apple new emoji

We knew they were coming and now they’re here—sort of.

You’ll wonder how you ever survived with these emoji in your life. From a beared man (hipsters errrrrrywhere rejoice), to a breastfeeding mother, Apple says the new emoji are designed to give us more ways to express ourselves. There are also new ways to show our shared food appreciation with the sandwich (how have we survived until now?), and even a coconut (this one should really have been mandatory from the beginning). 

If animals are more your jam, we don’t blame you. The T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie (OK, we get it’s not exactly an animal), and the elf are all on their way. Along with an exploding head smiley that we think will be getting a work out on Mondays (and potentially those Monday look-a-like Tuesdays).

Word on the street is we can expect these new bundles of joy to be delivered to our hot little hands when the new iOS enters our lives this November. Until then jump on Twitter and as always, watch this space.

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Image credit: Apple

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