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Guys, We Know Dates For The Next Secret Dinner Party!

By Claire Plush
2nd Feb 2017

OMG, guys! Remember when we spilled the deets that secret dinner parties were coming to the Coast?

Well, the first secret dinner party to EVER hit the Coast went off without a hitch back in July last year. But since then, there’s been nada. Zilch. Not even a peep.

Until today. Yep, this morning, the next secret dinner party, and the first in Queensland of 2017, was announced and it’s THIS MONTH, guys. Which means that the deep, deep ache you felt when you missed out on tickets last time around, can be cured. Hurrah!

Here’s the deal. On February 23 and 24, this pop-up event will take place in Noosa at a secret (restaurant) location to be revealed to you by text only two hours before the 7pm kick-off. The theme—Land & Sea—will see adventurous foodies treat their taste buds to a sumptuous four-course meal, washed down with matching wines. Sounds tempting, huh?

Now, we could just leave it there but we wouldn’t be doing you a favour unless we stressed that there’s only a limited number of tickets available for this unique dinner. We’re not exaggerating either—there’s less than 50 seats for the taking each night, so don’t say “I’ll think about it” or you’ll pretty much deserve the downer that hits when you discover it’s a sell-out. C’mon, we’re just being honest.

It’s also worth mentioning that Secret Foodies have a March pop-up event locked in as well. And while the full details and tickets haven’t been released just yet (keep your eyes on their site early next week), we know it’s centred around a “Hinterland Smoke” theme. Intrigued? So are we!

So there you have it! The secret dinner parties are coming back to the Sunshine State and are kicking off in the best place ever—the Sunshine Coast.

To put it simply, there’s events and then there’s epic events. And this, my friends, is an epic one. Jump on over to the Secret Foodies site to bags your tickets for February 24 now. We’ll be seeing you there!

(Note: Once the event on Friday, February 24 is sold out, tickets to the Thursday night dinner will go on sale.)

When: February 23 and February 24 (tickets selling now!)
Where: We know as much as you. Nothing.
Cost: $110 per person, purchase here.

Image Credit: Eye Swoon

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