The Secret Netflix Categories You Need To Search Now!

By Rachel Lay - 27 Apr 2016

If you spend as much time on Netflix as us (a lot) you probably know the site inside out. But we’re here with some exciting news: there’s a whole secret section you haven’t even seen yet. We present to you: Netflix’s hidden genres.

I can hear you saying: “Genres? What’s so secret about that? I’ve been using them for years?” Well hold on one second my friend because these are not your ordinary genres, these are secret genres. Allow me to explain…

The smart cookies over at WhatsOnNetflix.com have discovered that there’s a whole new world out there, you guys. Accessing them is super easy too, see this URL?


Now, where it says ### you simply switch it out to the secret code for you desired genre. Too easy. Plus, some categories won’t show up when you search them, so you know they’re exclusive.

But what are the codes? Check out this unofficial document for your low-key guide to #netflixhacks. For more obscure selections such as Eastern European Crime Dramas or Campy Slasher and Serial Killer Movies then hit up this doc and prepare to have your mind blown. Oh, and did we mention our new favourite genre Inspiring Animal Tales?

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