Did You Hear? Sir David Attenborough Is Coming Down Under

By Jessica Best
12th Nov 2016

So this is happening.

Sir David Attenborough is coming to Australia. And we’re so damn excited because let’s be honest, we paid more attention to this guy than any of our high school teachers. And we’ve all attempted the Attenborough voice at least once in our lives.

Whilst we’re all concerned about the next tv show we’re about to binge watch, Sir David Attenborough has conquered the Sahara, volcanoes, and speaks to cheetahs like we would talk to our pets. Which makes him one of the greatest things to ever come out of Britain (and that’s a big claim).

Set to hit our shores early next year, our favourite wildlife broadcaster will be touring with his new show: Sir David Attenborough | A Quest for Life.

He’ll be joined by journalist Ray Martin to talk all about his life’s work, the massive changes he’s seen over his career and the environmental challenges upcoming generations (that’s us, guys) could face.

While he won’t be coming to the Sunshine Coast (dammit!), he will be hitting up our city bro Brisbane—and we reckon it’s the totally worth the drive on old Brucey, just this once.

Book those tickets stat!


What: Sir David Attenborough | A Quest for Life
Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
When: Saturday, February 4, 2017

Image Credit: David Attenborough A Quest For Life

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