Stop Everything, The Apple Gods Have Blessed Us With An Avo Emoji At Last!

By Rachel Lay
14th Dec 2016

Just when we thought 2016 was set to be the worst year ever on record, the Apple Gods have gone and blessed us with a darn avo emoji.

It’s times like these we remember just how much Apple loves us and makes us forget about how shit our phone’s battery life is. Who cares how expensive their new phone charger is, we have avo emojis now.

Not ones to settle for second best, Apple have also let loose a whole heap of other epic emojis that will help redeem 2016 (we miss you already Obama) including a beloved bacon rasher and a girl that is giving us serious Bowie vibes. There’s even a croissant, so you can be Parisian via text, too!

With the release of the new update, iOS 10.2 comes with a bunch of other fun, techy features that we don’t really care about (because emojis) we’re sure will change our lives for the better. There are a bunch of other pretty great emojis in there too that represent all spectrums of life, too. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty freakin’ excited. Here’s a list of what’s on offer:

  • The avo, because we talk about it 24/7
  • Bacon has made the cut because it makes up 80% of our diet
  • Female doctors, because girls can do stuff too, remember?
  • Someone shrugging because this gesture sums up our daily existence
  • Finally there’s a pregnant emoji that can be used for food babies, obviously (and real babies or whatever)
  • A fingers crossed emoji for those moments when you proudly do something risky AF
  • A side salad to be used ironically, because we love bacon remember?
  • Isn’t this the best? We’re going to apologise in advance for all of the avo emojis we use in our articles from now on.

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Image Credit: Apple

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