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These Are The Podcasts You Need In Your Life ASAP

By Angela Law
20th Jul 2017

best podcasts to listen to right now

Podcasts are like videos, but for people who like to actually get shit done while learning new things or being entertained. We’re always on the hunt for a new fave so naturally, our favourites change (at least) monthly, and since we consider it our duty to update you on everything great in the world, here are all the best podcasts to listen to right now. You need these in your life ASAP.

Death, Sex & Money

We’re starting off with a podcast from WNYC Studios that takes an incredible personal look into people’s very real lives and dilemmas. From who’s driving your Uber, to newlywed and paralysed (you can see where this one is going), we won’t even bother challenging you to hold back the tears—it’s impossible.

Conversations With Richard Fidler

Lovers of all things ABC—listen up, because if you don’t already know about this podcast, well, you need to. Conversations has been topping the podcast charts for years and for damn good reason, since he’s one of the best interviewers in the country. It doesn’t matter whether he’s interviewing an ant expert, or the most successful Australian homicide detective—you’ll eat up every single word.


That brings us to Trace. You’ll be introduced to Ron Iddles (the homicide detective we mentioned above) and the story of Maria James, AKA the only murder he was never able to solve. Set in Melbourne, this has strong Serial vibes, but in Australian accents.


Another serious one for people who are interested in literally everything, Inquiry is the hugely successful podcast by BBC. We love everything about this show and not just because they manage to condense (what feels like) an entire book full of information into an easy 30 minutes. This one will teach you about whether poverty changes the way we think, how powerful the Facebook algorithm is and whether we need a plan B for climate change. 

My Dad Wrote A Porno

No doubt you already know plenty (read: wayyyy too much) about our friend Belinda, but a new season of this cracking podcast has just dropped and if you’re not on this yet, you need to be. What could be better than hearing an average English bloke read his dad’s porno to his two best mates? Nothing, that’s what.

Ear Hustle

Ever wondered what it’s like inside the American prison system? Well you’re about to find out, because Ear Hustle is broadcast straight from San Quentin State Prison and is produced by two of the inmates Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams along with Bay Area artist Nigel poor. This podcast has a little bit of everything—serious and not so serious—but it’s always a great listen.

A Piece Of Work

A collab between WNYC Studios and MoMA, this one is all about (you guessed it) art, so you can learn errrything about modern and contemporary art. Basically it’s all of your art-related questions being answered, but without any judgey eyes from people who actually know their shit when it comes to art.

The Messenger

Based on thousands of WhatsApp audio messages between Melbourne journalist Michael Green and detainee Abdul Aziz Muhamet, The Messenger takes a slightly illegal look at Manus Island and what actually happens on the Australian offshore immigration detention centre. This is a collaborative effort by Behind The Wire and The Wheeler Centre and a must listen.

You Must Remember This

This podcast is all about the forgotten stories of Hollywood’s first century, but rather than purely being about the glitz and glam on the surface, Karina Longworth narrates incredibly detailed and well-researched stories. We’re currently working through the morbidly amazing 12-part series about Charles Manson—it’s heavy and oh-so brilliant.

All In The Mind

Another by ABC Radio, All In The Mind chats all things mental (or was that obvious?), focusing on the brain and behavior and every amazing connection between the two.

Chat 10 Looks 3

Officially an oldie but a goodie, Chat 10 Looks 3 is the podcast by two of Australia’s journalist powerhouses, Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb. They cover any topic they feel like dissecting, from books, TV and radio, to movies, politics and food.

Side Hustle School

Want more money? Of course you do. Side Hustle School will teach you how to do just that by getting that side hustle happening, so you you won’t be so dependent on your employer. It’s summed up pretty well on their website with, ‘a side hustle isn’t just nice, it’s necessary’. Well then—we’ve been told.

The Read

If hip hop news is the only kind of news that you can cope with these days (we hear you), then The Read will give you your weekly dose of exactly that. Hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, there’s bucket loads of shade thrown each week and a pretty healthy amount of LOLs.

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