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A Weird (But Wonderful) Eye Gazing Event Is Happening This Week!

By Claire Plush
3rd Apr 2017

Thought this week was just going to be full of the same old, same old? Think again!

We’ve found out about an event that’s sure to get you tapping your toes and calling up that one friend who loves doing the same weird stuff as you.

And really, can it get much weirder better than an eye gazing event? Yep, prepare to sit opposite someone you may or may not know and stare into their eyes without saying a word.

Held in the middle of the Sunshine Coast at Cotton Tree Park (because things like this need to be done publicly for the enjoyment of passersby), this free shebang is based around the idea that sometimes words can be a barrier when we try to connect with people around us.

Apparently 93 per cent of the average person’s communication is non-verbal, so it kinda makes sense that we could possibly sit in a park, look into a stranger’s eyes, and still “get” what they’re saying. Or maybe not, but still, it’s worth a try.

Part of The Human Connection Movement, as they attempt to educate peeps on the benefits of eye contact, the Sunshine Coast eye gazing event will be held this Saturday, from 12pm to 4pm. You can drop in at any time within this timeframe, but if you want to guarantee yourself some gazing buddies, the earlier, the better.

Oh, and for the naysayers, who are already freaked out—it’s totally platonic, so take that chill pill and forever hold your peace.

When: April 8, 12pm to 4pm
Where: Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore
Cost: Free

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