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Add To Cart, Here’s 8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered On The Sunshine Coast

By Claire Plush
19th Mar 2020

things you can get delivered sunshine coast

So you’re barricaded in your bedroom, surrounded by towers of tinned food and toilet paper, ready to wait out the apocalypse, but all you can think of is what you didn’t buy. Why didn’t you load up booze? Did you even bother to check out the chocolate aisle? How could you have missed the essentials?

Say no more—we’ve got your back. Here are eight mostly delicious things you probably didn’t know you can get delivered right to your door.  

Cookie Dough

Everyone knows the most difficult part of making cookies is trying not to eat the dough before you bake it. But now, thanks to Doughy, we can eat all the cookie dough we want (minus the health risks) from the comfort of home. Whether you’re a chocoholic or nutty for peanuts, Doughy has a flavour for every taste bud. Order at the start of the week for one-day shipping, and don’t be afraid to buy in bulk—the dough lasts up to three months in the fridge, or 12 months in the freezer. 


Staying in? Sit back, pop a snag on the BBQ and crack a beer from Sunshine Coast brewery, Land & Sea. The Noosa team are delivering crisp lagers straight to your door for free with their new contactless delivery service. Only catch is you’ll need to order a Safari pack and be within the Peregian Beach to Doonan radius. Pop in the code 'NOOSALOCAL' at checkout and you’ll never go thirsty again. Is there someone’s birthday or event you’re going to miss while physical distancing? Grab them a couple of gift vouchers, and they can place their order when they run out of the good stuff. 


Have no fear Sunshine Coast! If coffee runs through your veins, there’s no need to go without your daily caffeine hit. Kai Coffee, Montville Coffee, Vintage Black and Clandestino Coffee will all happily post you a pack of beans, so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you still have access to their top-tier blends. 


Wine lovers, worry not. With Jimmy Brings, you can be certain that you will never run out of wine. With champagne, red, white and sparkling offerings from around Australia and the world, these guys will have the good stuff on your doorstep in next to no time. So make yourself comfortable, tee up whatever it is you’re streaming, and get ready to have a glass in hand without even having to leave the house.

Hot Rotisserie Chicken

Craving a hot chicken roll but not keen on a supermarket run? Malt Shovel Taphouse have got just the solution and we’re betting it tastes that much better. Delivering hot rotisserie chickens, rolled lamb forequarter or mouth-watering pork with crackling—all served with chips and pan-fried greens—it’ll only set you back an extra $5 and you won’t have to leave the house. 

Locally-Made Bath Soaks And Essential Oil Blends

Now more than ever it’s important to support local Sunshine Coast businesses, and Botanist Aromatherapy is one of them. Tune out from the news for a while, relax and re-centre yourself with their range of calming essential oil blends and indulgent bath soaks, all available to order online.

Artisan Cheeses

It’s a fact, cheese platters make everything better. And lucky for us, we have a bunch of cheesemakers on the Sunshine Coast, but Fromart in Eudlo goes a step further offering online ordering and delivery. Creators of genuine handcrafted Swiss-style cheese, their online shop is stocked with hard, semi-hard, Swiss alpine cheeses, plus those you’ll need for a delicious fondue or raclette. 

Decadent Blocks Of Vegan Chocolate

Kokopod is the Sunshine Coast chocolate company you need to know about, if you don’t already. And this forced time at home is the perfect opportunity to get a few blocks delivered straight to your door and taste your way through their vegan range. From raspberry and chilli, and lemon myrtle and macadamia to a vegan pina colada, we do need to pre-warn you that an addiction is likely to present itself. 

Ready to venture out? Stock up your fridge at the best Sunshine Coast markets going ahead this weekend. 

Image credit: Unsplash

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