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An All-Vegan Burger Joint Is Opening This Weekend On The Coast!

By Claire Plush
24th Jun 2017

Being vegan can be pretty tough, we’re sure. I mean, no cheese? No burgers? We can only imagine.

So, when we heard there was a 100 per cent vegan spot opening on the Sunshine Coast very soon, and that they’ll be dishing out some pretty impressive burgers, we nearly lost our shit.

We’re talking about Moo-Free Burgers who are opening their doors in Maroochydore today! Yep, this place has taken over Brisbane and now has its sights set on our sandy shores—not that we’re complaining.

For all the naysayers out there, the menu has a whole lot more than just a “salad burger,” thank you very much. And if it’s anything like the Brisbane offerings, we’re expecting the likes of The Mama Kays—hello, falafel goodness, a fish-less fish fillet burger hilariously called Off Da Hook, and a BBQ pork number loaded with pulled jackfruit, beetroot, slaw, and mayo.

Our all-time wish though, is that they bring along the VBD: the Vegan Brother’s Delight. Why? Because it’s packed full of some serious levels of deliciousness, that’s why; beef-less pattie, bacon-less rashers, vegan cheese, and salad. And they use vegan cheese, which we know you were all wondering.

Moo-Free Burgers is set to open this weekend, and we’ve heard direct from the source that the Maroochydore location will also be home to two other vegan-friendly businesses—Raw Squeeze for all those delish acai bowls, smoothies, and raw treats, and Charlie’s Vegan Pantry where you can stock up on all kinds of healthy stuff like kombucha. Basically, this spot is the ultimate vegan foodie heaven.

So vegans, get ready, because life as you know it, is about to change, big time. 

The Details

What: Moo-Free Burgers
Where: 1 Beach Road, Maroochydore
When: Opening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 9pm

Image credit: Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

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