Plant-Based Eaters Rejoice, The Sunshine Coast’s First Ever Vegan Egg Is Here

By Claire Plush
26th Feb 2020

vegan egg sunshine coast

The Sunshine Coast’s first ever vegan egg has arrived and it will blow your mind.

Created by the team at Cafe Vie in Buderim, this wholefoods recipe took months to perfect. 

While we can’t spill all the beans on the method, we can tell you that the yolk features pumpkin, hence the vibrant yellow colour, and it’s even runny like a real egg. No lie. 

This plant-based cafe is renowned for their epic vegan eats, but this new creation has taken their experimenting to a whole new level and we couldn’t be more impressed.  

Try the “vegg” aka the “vegan egg” as part of the mouth-watering No Huevos brunch dish. Featuring dairy-free hollandaise, crisp rocket, a bed of Spanish-inspired, soy-based vegan “chorizo” and a thrice-cooked fluffy hash brown (these deserve a story all of their own) this dish is completed with a perfectly-cooked 'vegg'. Just look at the dish in motion, here

We get that not all vegans crave devouring a look-a-like egg, but if you’re trying to coax your favourite meat-eaters to this epic Sunshine Coast cafe, this could be your winning tactic. They’ve even got 'bacon' to add as a side. 

Available now, Cafe Vie is open seven days from 7am, so round up your people and drop by to see what all the fuss is about—we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Image credit: Lumea Photo for Urban List

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