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Where To Buy Cheese On The Sunshine Coast

By Trixie Hillen
28th May 2017


Some people say there’s nothing better than dressing up in your hottest ankle boots, a sexy little dress, getting your contour on, and heading out for wine and cheese platters. Not us though. We’re all for taking off your bra, pulling on your trackies, cracking open a bottle of white and the latest Liane Moriarty, and not sharing your cheese with ANYONE. 

But we’re not animals. We still want seriously amazing cheese. So where can you buy the best cheese on the Sunshine Coast? Read on, our fellow cheese-worshippers! 

Maleny Food Co.


Tucked away in the hinterland, Maleny Food Co. is your one-stop shop for all things cheese, glorious cheese. Formerly known as Colin James Fine Foods, this Maple Street favourite is renowned for their decadent fromagerie. (Yep, that’s a whole room dedicated to cheese. Oh lordy.) Showcasing local finds like Woombye Cheese alongside of moreish wheels from around the world, if you’re on the hunt for something a bit beyond your average tasty cheese, jot this place down. Don’t leave without a scoop of their famous gelato—we’ll keep it on the down low, promise. 

Providore On Hastings


Okay but seriously, enjoying cheese at home doesn’t have to be a solitary affair. When you’re at the blurry end of a long, boozy lunch with your besties on Hastings Street and you can’t quite muster up the energy to keep going into the night, pop in to Providore On Hastings for supplies and invite everyone back to yours for cheese, antipasto, wine (and maybe a sneaky nanna nap!) These guys are well stocked with local cheeses from Woombye and Kenilworth, as well as all the other goodies you need to put together an epic nibbles platter that might just give you the strength to power on at LEAST until Masterchef finishes.  


Available at Noosa and Yandina Farmers Markets

When it comes to cheese, we’re totally obsessed with tradition. Cheese making is an art that’s been with humans for millennia, and any country with any kind of milking herds—cows, goats, buffalo, yak, sheep, even camels—have made their own versions of cheese by allowing natural fermentation to preserve the milk. The bacteria that allow the fermentation also prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, so in many countries, unpasteurised milk is used to make cheese. This is considered to give a more complex flavour to the cheese. Under strict Australian Food Standards, Fromart imports raw milk cheese such as the ultimate Gruyere from Switzerland, along with their own pasteurised milk cheeses, made right here on the Sunshine Coast with Gympie milk.  

Belmondos Organic Market


Oh Belmondos, is there anything you CAN’T do? We have a sneaking suspicion that if we could find a cosy, hidden little alcove to stash a sleeping bag, we could comfortably live in this gorgeous, industrial warehouse of polished concrete and copper. There’s Clandestino coffee, aged rib-eye from Eumundi Meats, the world most amazing bacon (not even exaggerating) from Voodoo Bacon, cinnamon morning buns and jam donuts from Tanglewood, and tins of Cuca anchovies. We guarantee you won’t be able to leave without picking up a basketful of deliciousness. Their organic produce section is full of seasonal, local fruit and veg, with shelves of dairy. The cheese selection changes regularly, but sheep and goat milk yoghurts and cheeses are usually well-represented, and you’re guaranteed to find a great baguette to go with it. 

Kawana Farmers Market


We hear a lot about the Noosa Farmers Market, but sometimes we forget about the Saturday market that’s held at Kawana Waters with loads of the same traders. You can pick up amazing handcrafted goat’s cheese from Gympie Farm Cheese, along with homemade butter. TBH it crossed our mind to just spread out a picnic blanket in the middle of the path, buy one of everything from every stall and eat until we couldn’t stand up. But apparently that’s “frowned upon” and “scares the children”. Pfft!

Cedar Street Cheeserie 

Available at Noosa Farmers Market

It’s all buffalo, all the time at Cedar Street Cheeserie. Cheese maker Trevor Hart collects buffalo milk within hours of milking and starts the cheese making process. The cheeses are all handmade in small batches to give us some of the sweetest, most heavenly cheeses you’ve ever tried. We’re haloumi addicts from waaaaay back (I mean, it’s fried cheese. What could go wrong?), but this is a revelation. Best of all, Trevor has samples available at his stall at the Noosa Farmers Market, so you can have a taste of freshly fried buffalo haloumi (it’s softer and less rubbery than the haloumi you’ve probably had before) and decide whether you want to order that, or the creamy buffalo mozzarella or burrata. We say try them all!

Cheese Therapy


When too much cheese just ain’t enough, you need Cheese Therapy. These guys are celebrating their first birthday, delivering award-winning cheese to the hungry gourmands of the Sunshine Coast (and the rest of Australia). Sign up for a “Monthly Therapy” pack and you’ll get four different cheese delivered to your door with crispbreads and tasting notes. Just be warned, you are likely to scoff the lot before you even unfold the tasting notes to learn the complex flavour profile of the Fourme D'Ambert that you scooped into your mouth while climbing over your flatmate’s whimpering body. 

Want a dose of inspo for your next cheese party? Check out the anatomy of the perfect cheese board

Image Credit: Amy Higg / Maleny Food Co.

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