Where To Watch The Supermoon On The Sunshine Coast

By Ange Law
14th Nov 2016

If a regular full moon makes the world go a bit cray cray, then buckle up people, because shit is about to get real, with the supermoon in full force tonight on the Sunshine Coast.

We’ve got our phones at the ready, and we’re all more than prepared to take terrible photos of the moon that we’ll never look at again. But because we know you’ll want to check it out (we’ll be there too), these are the best places on the Sunshine Coast to go.

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, the moon is going to be a cool 20% bigger than it’s usual self tonight. It’s going to be the biggest and brightest that it’s been in about 70 years and isn’t expected to happen again until 2034. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

Our main hot tip is to head for any eastern facing beach, which basically narrows it down to anywhere from: Sunshine Beach to Coolum Beach, Yaroomba to Alex, Buddina to Dicky’s—okay, we’re kinda talking the whole of the Coast.

Yep, we’re some of the lucky ones. We’ve got kilometres on kilometres of sand to spread out on, so what’s happening in Sydney (aka 17K moon-frothing peeps heading to the same spot) defs ain’t gonna happen on the Coast. TF.

Oh and just ‘cause we like to rub shit in, it’s also worth mentioning that unlike Australia’s southern cities/regions who are supposed to be getting a lovely spread of cloud obscuring their view of this once-in-a-lifetime moon, the Sunny Coast is predicted to have nothing but clear skies. Just another reason to love where we live. Now, supermoon, come at us!

Image credit: Andrew and Annemarie via Flickr

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