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WTF! You Can Now Order A $7,000 Cocktail In Noosa

By Claire Plush
16th Jun 2017


No, this is not a joke. A very, very expensive cocktail has just been released on the Sunshine Coast, and anyone with a lazy $7,000 will get drinking rights. 

Yep, you heard right. Miss Moneypenny’s in Noosa has created a super extravagant martini named Le Jardin De Rose. Essentially it means THE rose in a garden of roses, so basically it’s le crème de la crème of cocktails. And for $7,000, it’d want to be. Made with rose syrup, gin distilled with rose petals, a dash of French lychee liqueur, musk tincture and finished with saffron, this could quite possibly be the priciest and most elegant cocktail in Queensland. 

We know what you’re thinking: why so much? Well, here’s the thing, you’re not just getting a pretty pink drink. Miss Moneypenny’s have teamed up with one of the Coast’s best jewellers Gordon Herford of Poeta, to create a one-off diamond necklace that comes served with your order of Le Jardin De Rose. How’s that for a side? 

It also comes paired with two Coffin Bay oysters garnished with soy and ginger dressing and a wakame seaweed salad—so it’s a bit of a three birds one stone scenario. You’ll be fed, watered, and donned in an exquisite one-third carat certified brilliant cut diamond pendant set in a hand-made platinum and 18-carat white gold mount. Annnnnnnd you’ll get a $700 voucher to Miss Moneypenny’s. Phew, that’s a mouthful. 

Now, even though it’ll likely make some lucky ladies extremely happy, for us easy-to-please gals—*cough, with no rich BF or hubby in sight*—you’ll be pleased to know there’s a cheaper, not-so-luxe version of the cocktail available—and yes, it’s comes sans diamonds. Ah the tragedy. 

For those looking to splurge on a special someone, Le Jardin De Rose is now available at Miss Moneypenny’s. If you read this and go and order one, please tag us in a pic, so we can live our rose-coloured dreams vicariously through you.

The Details

What: An exquisite Le Jardin De Rose cocktail
Where: Miss Moneypenny’s, 6 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads
Cost: $7,000 (this is not a typo)

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Image credit: Miss Moneypenny's

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