You Can Now Send Your Mates Anonymous Eggplants

By Angela Law - 20 Jul 2017

eggplant delivery

In today’s random news that we’re absolutely loving sick—you can now send your mates anonymous eggplants and our faith in the world has suddenly been restored. Eggplants Express saw a gap in the market when they realised everyone’s obsession with the eggplant emoji (there’s no way we would expect you to get your mind out of the gutter on this one), so they decided to send eggplants IRL. 

It’s so random that it’s brilliant, with two gifting options available for your nearest and dearest. There’s the standard eggplant with a message ($18), where your message will be scrawled across the eggplant’s skin in silver, or the urgent eggplant ($25), which is exactly the same thing, except with express delivery. 

That’s really all there is to it guys—like you really need any more info. Head here to buy one (or 10). 

Looking for other great delivery sites? Here are our favourites.

Image credit: Flickr See-ming Lee

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