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Peregian Beach Just Got A New Breakfast Spot!

By Claire Plush
15th Feb 2017

It’s been a dream of ours for, like, ever, that this restaurant, one of our faves on the Sunshine Coast, would take one for the team and decide to slide their doors open in the AM. Basically, just so we could satisfy our morning hunger with their nosh.

Well, now it’s a reality, because as of today, Pitchfork is now serving breakfast. Woot woot! So thrilled were we to hear the news, that we rushed down and grabbed a table earlier today, to undertake the tough task of sampling their offerings. The verdict? So good.

The menu is delicious but concise, featuring seven brekkie dishes and a bunch of sides. The idea is that much like Pitchfork’s lunch and dinner menu, the breakfast menu will change with the seasons.

We started with a Tim Adams coffee—super smooth, and the right kinda hump day pick me up—followed by possibly the most refreshing drink we’ve had in a loooong time, a pineapple fruitshake. What is a fruit shake, you say? Similar to those you get in Bali, it’s a blend of fresh fruit (there’s also a peach and watermelon option available), ice, coconut water, and lime syrup—and OMG, thirst = quenched!

Because we survive on more than liquids (kinda difficult, aren’t we?), we knocked back the soft baked eggs, which came served in an oversized teacup with fingers of toast (not just any toast though, guys), and the brioche roll packed with Italian-style cottechino sausage and egg. Oh, and we’d better not forget the side of hash brown, which we’re pretty sure we could live off—although probs not literally.

TBH, food envy was a thing, not because we didn’t love what we devoured—we totally did—but, because there’s a handful of other dishes we’re now dying to try.

We’re already planning our return for the baked bean jaffle, filled with fried egg and house-made streaky bacon, and also the smoked salmon fish cakes with poached egg and drizzled in hollandaise. Got the mouth-waters yet?

The whole menu including the fruitshakes is available to takeaway, so if you’d rather dine on the beach or in the park, they’ve got you covered.

Open for breakfast, Wednesday to Sunday from 7am to 11.30am, if you’re looking for some new breakfast porn for your Insta account, book a table at Pitchfork for this weekend.

Now, can we all just take a moment to celebrate the fact that the Sunshine Coast breakfast scene is currently off the hook?

Okay, as you were.

Where: 5/4 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach

Image Credit: Claire Plush for Metropolist

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