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The 00s Party Of Your Dreams Is Happening Tomorrow

By Yvonne Lam
26th Apr 2018


If you have no idea about the songs on triple J’s Hottest 100 list (um but you remember Angus & Julius Stone’s Mango Tree from 2007, does that count?), and cheer when WSFM Classic Hits radio plays Complicated by Avril Lavigne (before she was married to Chad Kroeger. Shudder.), then you’re going to love Hudson Ballroom’s 00’s dance night this Friday. It’s only a mash-up of So Fresh and Destiny’s Child evvverything.

Yessiree. Just when you were high on life because you can finally afford Barilla pasta (the good stuff), but are getting down because every one of your friends is getting married, this happens. A double bill of 2000s-themed parties that’ll get you feeling bootylicious allllll over again. 

Out the back, the So Fresh party will be spinning tunes from the favourite compilation CDs of your teen-hood. Chances are, if you danced to it while listening on Discman, it’ll be playing on this dancefloor. Join your fellow 00s-loving companions as you bump and grind to familiar bangers by Nelly Furtado (pre-Maneater and in her innocent I’m Like a Bird days), the other Nelly, Backstreet Boys and Ashanti. Because there’s nothing like belting out every song your 14-year-old self lived and died by.

Up front, it’s time to bring the Coachella Destiny’s Child reunion home to the dancefloor. It's all about the trio’s greatest hits, plus other RnB classics. Because why the hell not. Aside from reminding us that at the tender age of sixteen Beyoncé had the vocal chops of a queen-in-the-making, it’s also the chance for you to yell 00s catch cries like I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly at the top of your lungs. 

The early bird tickets have already sold out, so you better nab yours quick. BYO cargo pants. 

The Details

What: Ladies, Leave Your Man at Home and So Fresh dance parties
Where: Hudson Ballroom
When: Friday 27 April, 9pm
Cost: $16.83

Get ahead on your weekend plans, here. 

Image credit: Destiny's Child Survivor

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