18 Restaurants We Wish Would Come To Sydney

By Anna May
25th Oct 2015

restaurants in Sydney wishlist

Some of the best restaurants in the world have been visiting Sydney of late, and boy are we excited. 

And just in case any others were thinking of coming to join the party, we made a list to let them know they’d be mooore than welcome. 

  1. The cheesy, saucy oh-so-grammable magic of In-N-Out Burger.
  2. All 20 courses of pure heaven at the small but mighty Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo. 
  3. The Fat Duck… Yes, we’re too lazy to fly to Melbourne, and we’ll have it permanently this time, please.
  4. The Boiling Crab for its enormous bags of juicy, juicy crab. 
  5. Fergburger: Because Sydney’s burger scene could use a bit of stiff competition. And also because delicious.
  6. Mighty Quinn’s BBQ in NYC could give us our meat fix any time if it was around the corner.
  7. Balthazaar’s French bistro vibe and Sunday brunches would go down a treat in Sydney. 
  8. Japan’s MOS Burger’s adorable menu of hot dogs and burgers would be the perfect spot for a tasty treat.
  9. Katz Deli, why can’t you set up shop here and give us our pastrami fix?
  10. Having a Magnolia Bakery cupcakes down the road would complete our lives.
  11. Just imagine the incredible feasts if Ottolengi set up shop here.
  12. Shake Shack… Just so In-N-Out kept its burger game strong.
  13. Osteria Francescana, because who didn’t fall in love after Chef’s Table?
  14. Belle’s Hot Chicken… What’s the deal, guys? Come on up!
  15. The charred goodness of Franklin’s BBQ in Texas would be the only reason we’d get out of bed.
  16. And because Sydney is still yet to master the Cubano, Versailles coming from Miami would be epic.
  17. Rome’s Pizzarium should set up shop and bring some of the best pizza in the world. Seriously.
  18. And finally, the heavenly steak frites at Le Relais d l’Entrecote in Paris. Drool.

Image credit: Belle's Hot Chicken

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