20 Of Sydney’s Best All Day Breakfasts

By Sophia Fukunishi
29th Oct 2014

The wonderful thing about breakfast is that you can pretty much eat it at any time of the day and it's socially acceptable. Pancakes for dinner? Hell yeah! Cereal for a midnight snack? No judgey eyes here. 

Sometimes we don't quite wake up in time for traditional breakfast hours. But what's fun about so-called traditional hours anyway? Here are some of the Sydney's best cafes serving up some of the best all-day breakfasts, no matter if it's well past lunchtime.

  1. Head to Marcelle in Potts Point for a croque Marcelle with smoked ham, gruyere, mustard and pickles. If you're after something a little sweeter, go for the brioche with dulce de leche and hazelnuts—a Sydney all-day breakfast classic.
  2. Formerly a convenient store, St Jude in East Redfern conveniently serves breakfast until 3pm. We're huge fans of the smashed avocado on toast. Simple, health and tasty.
  3. Inject some sugar into your veins with Brewtown Newtown's brewnut. Not after a sugar hit? The corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs is a winner.
  4. For some of the best breakfast in Sydney, pay Three Williams in Redfern a visit. The corn fritters are delicious as is the Merchant—their take on a bacon and egg roll.
  5. For those sleepy heads in the Northern Beaches, COOH Café serves healthy and organic breakfasts all day. Pop in for one of their brekkie bowls and then go for a dip at North Curl Curl beach.
  6. Rustic Pearl in Surry Hills does more than your run of the mill eggs on toast. We suggest trying the sucuk bruschetta and the smoked ham and mushroom gozleme.
  7. Setting up shop in Chippendale before it was cool, Cafe Giulia gives us one of the best bacon and egg rolls known to man. A bite from one of these is sure to chase away any remnants of a hangover.
  8. Piccolo's Cafe in Rozelle serves a great all-day breakfast, which has a bit of a Egyptian/Mediterranean twist. Try the Egyptian breakfast with fava beans, sujuk sausage, egg, labne and za'atar. 
  9. Served until 3pm, Manly café In Situ served fantastic big breakfasts for those not too concerned with being particularly buoyant afterwards.
  10. You can't go wrong at Reuben Hills. The soft shell crab tostada with 'return to life' sauce will, in fact, return you to the land of the living if the night before got a little out of hand. If the mere thought of seafood makes you feel queasy, then the NOT reuben sandwich will sort you out.
  11. Alexandria's Bread & Circus has a number of wonderful all-day breakfast options. We'd suggest a dish, but as the menu changes so frequently, we recommend you just wing it.
  12. Fouratefive is situated in the brunch mecca that is Crown Street in Surry Hills. You may have to wait a bit on weekends, but it's worth it.
  13. As the name would suggest Bondi Wholefoods is wholefood brekkie heaven. And with brunch served until 3pm, you can get your chia on until well after lunchtime.
  14. Erskineville's very own Fleetwood Macchiato delivers excellent coffee and perfectly poached eggs. What more could you want from an all-day breakfast joint?
  15. Ruby's Diner in Queens Park features all your brekkie faves including bircher, eggs, and banana bread. They also do a mean raw breakfast salad if you're in the mood for something healthy.
  16. We love breakfast at Orto Trading Co. Their Southern fried chicken benni and carrot cake hotcakes will definitely leave you full and satisfied for the rest of the day.
  17. Get your all-day breakfast on at Revolver in Annandale. Give us their friendly service and free range eggs any day.
  18. West Juliett is a very welcome addition to Marrickville eating scene. Their breakfast staples are excellent and listen to us when we tell you to GET A COOKIE. They are the actual best.
  19. If it's sandwiches you want, it's sandwiches you shall get. John Montagu in Woolloomooloo specialise in sandwiches and are good enough to eat all day long.
  20. Brunch at Pinbone only happens on Sundays but it's safe to say it's one of the best brunches in Sydney right now. Don't argue, just go.


Looking for more of Sydney's best breakfasts? We got you.

Image credit: Three Williams, Tanya Lee

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