25 Things To Eat When You’re Hungover In Sydney

By Anna May
4th Nov 2015

When the world was created and alcohol was born and humans first realised cocktails were the best thing in the world, whoever put all of those things together must have thought it was hilarious to punch such fun in the face with a stinker of a hangover. 

Don’t cry, friends, treat the hangover as an excuse to eat all the food, to carb/cheese/sugar/bacon load like you’re about to run a marathon (horizontally, of course), and to order the things you normally wouldn’t let yourself at Sydney cafés and restaurants. 

Ready? Yes you are. Here are the best hangover meals in Sydney…

  1. Let’s start off simple (but hearty): A mixed plate from Haberfield chicken shop, Meshwi. Add some chips, because chicken salt cures all. 
  2. They say misery loves company, so round up the sore-headed troops and head to Marigold for a yum cha feast.
  3. Punished yourself badly? It’s got to be the Elvis Burger by Brewtown Newtown: ground beef, Canadian bacon, cheese, chips, relish on a savoury brewnut. Just let it happen.
  4. If you’re more into the refreshing head-cure, head straight to Manly’s Bare Naked Bowls and get your Acai bowl on. Then go dive into the sea and get on with your day.
  5. For the perfect blend of carb and salt, get your hands on some delicious sushi from Makoto sushi train in Chatswood.
  6. Can’t stomach another thing? Yes you Mex-i-can! Drop by Beach Burrito for a generous veggie burrito bowl.
  7. Combine cheese and carb (the two most important food groups) and grab a pizza from Lane Cove’s Via Napoli
  8. If you need to sort out your soul as well as your head, it’s got to be Cabramatta’s Pho Tau Bay for a steaming hot bowl of pho dac biet with lots o head-clearing chilli.  
  9. Or, you could always keep it simple from the crunchy, oozy cheese toastie from Raclettes Plus at Bondi Markets on a Saturday morning.
  10. Drop by Cammeray’s Laneway Café for a hit of deliciousness from their hearty baked eggs. 
  11. Fan of the classics? The avo on toast at Venus Wholefoods keeps it simple: Toasted sourdough, chunky avo, salt, pepper, chives and a drizzle of olive oil. Add feta if that’s your jam. 
  12. For the simple folk among us, the thrice-cooked chips from Johnny Lobster in Crows Nest are everything you’ll need to sort yourself out.
  13. If you need to get right back into the healthier swing of things, grab Lucky You Cleanse’s spicy lemonade.
  14. Like to take it one bite at a time? Pop by Mr Bao for a selection of mouth-watering treats after staff drinks got out of hand.
  15. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. ‘Nuff said. 
  16. Why not see how you go with pre-ordering Grumpy Donuts? Nothing wrong with the sweeter things after a night on the sauce. 
  17. Just accept defeat and order the ham and cheese croissant (toasted, of course) from Newtown’s Luxe.
  18. Fatty, moreish tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo is a hug in a bowl on a sorry, sore-headed morning. 
  19. Another one for the health lovers out there, a smoothie from Bondi Wholefoods will sort you out quick smart. Opt for the refreshing pina colada if you still have a hankering for cocktails. 
  20. Hungover, but want to keep on top of new restaurants and cafes in Sydney? Head to Redfern's Oratnek for their new-but-famous katsu sandwich on soft white bread. Heaven. 
  21. Hit up a little hair of the dog (and a decent meal) and order the Bloody Hell at Darlinghurst’s Bloody Mary’s
  22. Hangover + heat = imminent death. Opt for the salted coconut and mango sorbet at Gelato Messina and melt into a happy puddle. 
  23. If you’re sober enough to drive, head down to Paul’s Famous Hamburgers in Sylvania for a classic burger with the lot and a big carton of fresh pineapple juice.
  24. Still hungry? Good lord. Hightail it to The Stuffed Beaver for a gooey pile of poutine. It makes every throb of your headache worthwhile.
  25. Mr Crackles. You might even have some leftover from your 2am visit. If not, who doesn’t love a repeat customer?

Image credit: Lisa Brooke at Laneway Cafe

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